New forum idea

A new idea for the site - if you put the @ symbol and the name of the beer being discussed, it links automatically to that beer’s splash page just like when you do the same for a user. People could also follow beers, or breweries, and get notifications when discussed. This would be cool for discussions, but amazing for beer trades section… like if I’ve been always wanting a beer and I got notified when someone mentioned it up for trade?

Just an idea.


Let me check?
@Laugar Amarauna

¿? :confounded:

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This would be amazing but probably involve a massive amount of coding…

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Some users are named after beers, how would it know which was being referred to?
Beers have spaces in their names, how would it know when the beer name ends?

A well integrated site would indeed find out some way of achieving this (“insert beer link”, search and select beer, magic incantation injected into post perhaps something as simple as @$123456 for the beer id which would be expanded at rendering time to be the full name and appropriate link), but given that we don’t even always have our own ratebeer user names on the forum currently, there’s little hope for that.

I don’t think the space thing is an issue for coding, but I imagine, regarding user names, that a list of options would come up as you start typing, and you select the user or the beer at that point.