New GMO Alert: It’s just like beer – No, wait, it IS beer!

Whatever your opinion on GMOs, this is an interesting article.

If you enjoy drinking craft beers, you should read this

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so many fad yeasts to come

I think it’s super interesting from a beer and technical perspective but I think the risks of GEO food products are often underplayed. More from environmental / sustainability perspectives like an “oops we accidentally made it so beer yeast stopped working” vs it’s not good to consume it perspective.

Those are probably very low probably, but high consequence risks which as a society were a pretty bad at evaluating.

Lots of medicines are made form genetically modified organisms which are being ingested and injected all the time, e.g. human insulin made by recombinant bacteria was approved in1982, which is over 40 years ago. People never seem to mention that.

The problem with GMOs is they are a two-edged sword. They provide great benefit, but they come with huge risks. I am not anti-GMO, just against the unscrupulous and unethical use of GMOs.

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GMOs are highly regulated, that’s because people are the biggest risk!