New heart "like" on beer pages

Haven’t seen anyone else mention this, but there seems to be a new heart “like” button in the top right corner of each beer page. I assume if you click on this, all your “liked” beers are listed in the new “My favourites” menu option that you can get to by clicking on your avatar in the top right of the site?

If my interpretation is right, can anyone tell me what exactly is the point of this functionality? I can find out my favourite beers already, and in order of favouriteness, simply by sorting my beer ratings by top rated. If the idea is to provide stats of “most liked” beers on the site, again we already have this and with far greater granularity. This functionality therefore seems fairly pointless?

While it’s great that new functionality (and especially new stats) are being added to the site, it would be better if the programmers valuable time could be used for things that users have requested and which might get users back behind the site again - for instance, extra colours on the country and region maps for 200, 500 and 1,000 rates (should be an easy one!), and more countries split into regions (admittedly more tricky).

Right, rant over. Cheers!


Yes I’ve been struggling to think of a use case for the new favourites feature. Like you, my favourite beers are basically all the ones I’ve rated really highly. Off the top of my head I don’t think there’s any beers I’d consider a favourite but have also rated low enough to be outside of my top rated list. Maybe others feel differently, but I can’t recall anyone ever requesting such feature so I do agree with you I would have preferred to see them spend time on something people actually want. In terms of lists, fleshing out haves/wants/cellar would have been better than adding favourites.


It’s the most useless feature to date that nobody asked for…
My top rated beers are my damn favorites!
And we are still asking for a real “Have” cellar list where we can see on first sight if I have it or not (similar to a rated icon)


Seems to be something like the old “follow this beer” option, or to create a wishlist perhaps?