New Heineken Brewery in Mozambique

According to Reuters:

Heineken to open $100 mln brewery in Mozambique in 2019=
JOHANNESBURG, Dec 4 (Reuters) - Heineken will open
a $100 million brewery in Mozambique, its first production
facility in the southern African nation, the brewer said on
The world’s second-largest brewer plans to start production
at the 0.8 million hectoliters capacity plant in the capital
Maputo in the first half of 2019, it said in a statement.

This will be the second brewery for Mozambique after one from SABMiller.

Any word on what they’ll be brewing at the facility?

HEINEKEN Mozambique will explore the possibility of locally sourcing the raw materials it will need to produce its beers. One of the objectives of this project will be to improve crop yields as well as the capabilities and living standards of Mozambican farmers, contributing to the economic development of the country.

Whatever this is supposed to mean. First beers are expected to be sold in early 2019, so News will follow.

For a country that only has seven rateable beers at the moment, it’s not a terrible development :mozambique:

Do not have high expectations with Heineken when it comes to beer.
But might be more easy to get beer from Mozambizue, that probably the only good part.
The only thing Heineken are good at is advertising.

I’m waiting for the New Heineken. :wink: