New kellerwhales

Our local tasting group just pushed two beers from Seinsheim up over 10 ratings - we have a new #1 and #2 Kellerbier on the site!

And they are proper whales - The brewery is in the middle of nowhere in Germany and only open at semi-random weekends :wink:


for 5 hours a weekend.

I’m really happy I got to try them, but can’t wait to actually have them fresh from tap.

Big ups to MoritzF for bringing them!

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Kellerwhale hunt is on!


This is impossible. Everyone knows the best kellerbier is brewed in Minnesota.

I would be happy to receive any bottles for verification.

best before date on the few bottles which exist is 7 days after bottling. Gotta travl there :wink:

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should your Kellerbiers be bottled and have more than 7 days BB date, we are of course happy to verify as well :blush:

That’s great! A group of my friends took a guided tour through the brewery over 12 years ago. We had a keg of the Dunkles Kellerbier between about 20 of us. Very glad that they are finally getting recognition.

Suprisingly, my ratings of those tell my that I aggree :wink:

As I’ve recently said to Stefan, those will be the new Westvleteren. At least für Kellerbier-people. For everyone else, it’ll probably stay Westvleteren.

Westy is waaaaay easier to get :stuck_out_tongue:

Time for a short trip next year!

I say we shall gather in Summer!

They are canned and reasonably easy to get depending on the time of year. Summit Keller pils and Fair State Kazbek Kellerbier.

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A summer gathering would be awesome. I am sure we will be a couple of persons :slight_smile:

A true Kellerbier is enjoyed on tap, as fresh as possible. But if I get my hands on those I will for sure try them :slight_smile:

Time to pay them a visit. Thanks for sharing Jonas.

Been in the plans for 5 plus years… But like already said… difficult to plan! Cheers

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