New King of England

Below is a list of the top raters from England :

Name Ratings
1 Theydon_Bois 34419
2 madmitch76 34337

Looks like we have a new king, congrats to Colin!


Congrats :beers:

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I can see a Range War erupting.




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Oh my!

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Nice one Colin, nice to have the crown in Bucks!

Just 120 to go until you’re King of the Britons (@cgarvieuk you’d best get drinking!).

Cheers :beers:

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Wow, impressive

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Darnit! I better start drinking!!

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Cheers @danlo

Cheers everyone

It’s been a strange few years as I’m sure it has for all of you … limited travel and less ratings than peace time

Things hopefully back to normal now … back in London at least twice a week for me since March so always make an effort to hit a bar on those two nights

@omhper … I’ve almost killed off my historical backlog now (mainly just 2020/21/22)… having tapped away the past year or so

But I do have my first two European beer trips booked up since 2019

Wroclaw/Berlin in July and Porto/Madrid in October so very much looking forward to getting back in the beer travel saddle


Wow! Cheers :beers: Colin…

Oh thats gone, my drinking has taken a dive over lock down and ive no desire to go chassing the way i used to

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