New LIKE! function, NEW ratings folder for MOST LIKED and what is the use of the RATED BY folder?

I see there’s a new like function and new Most Like folder…that’s ok if you dig for that sort of things I guess.

More so, I want to know what is the intended use of the RATED BY folder? It doesn’t show anything except the rater’s name (tickers not included), the date of their rating and the new option to Like them (but without any info…so why would you Like them from that folder)


If at least it could show the score (only the score) of every rating, including ticks, at least I could see some use for it…but right now it seems just a wasted space…


I think it is clear what we all have to do now…

Like 2pac’s ratings



This used to give a simple alphabetized list of all people who had rated a beer. As it is now it is very hard to see if a certain user has had the beer from the beer page.

The ‘like’ function would be cool if it saved my likes or if the ‘most liked’ list actually showed the most liked reviews.

It’s exactly what I thought of when I saw this feature.

oh well, seems like the likes are not saved…

I tried to like one of your ratings, my like seems to have been saved:

Rated By lets people know very quickly if a friend has had a beer or not. This is useful for people attending bottle shares with others or trading beers with a friend.


But isn’t that the purpose of the My Friends tab?

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Exactly… MY FRIENDS is the one for that…

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This only gets your registered friends from your friends list. It was an existing function I wanted to keep for continuity’s sake. I actually fought for this believing I was advocating for the community! If people don’t like it, we can certainly remove it.


Not saying it’s a bad thing on the contrary, but it could be a good place to put all ratings (reviews + ticks) with score and distribution only, this way it would really work as intended you would see when and where all your friends had a beer (including those who Ticked only), without having to scroll through tons of reviews

Maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t see any way this new tab is useful as-is. Take Saison Dupont, for example, with nearly 3000 ratings. “My Friends” tab already shows what my friends thought. Clicking Rated By doesn’t seem to have any value over the existing other tabs (Most Recent, etc.)…it’s paginated, unordered, and unsearchable, and thus seemingly useless. e.g., if I wanted to see what User XYZ thought of the beer, and he/she is not a Friend, how would I find his/her review?

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Guys, Joe is on point with the use-case here. Example: For the upcoming DACH Meeting I want to see which beers I can bring for the grand tasting . Not all people coming are on my friends list but I need to figure out which beers I can bring to make as many people as possible happy.
I don’t quite get why people are complaining about something which has been on the site for years (but is not optimally implememted now)


Probably because the way it used to work, you would get a popup with every single rater very simply presented in an alphabetically sorted list that you could either browse or text-search. So for beers with as little as a hundred ratings, that functionality is still effectively lost.

As it stands now, this tab seems to only do one thing: it shows 10 random raters of the beer. If none of those 10 people are your target, the link at the bottom just takes you to the existing paginated “Most Recent” tab view. So I fail to see any value in this as-is. But hopefully the plan is to restore the old functionality in some way.

Well we completely agree here. My wish would be that the current useless feature would be changed into either of the following:

  • A simple complete alphabetized list of users as it was before.
  • A feature which allowed you to quickly search on which people who have rated a beer.
  • and/or a feature which allows you to crosscorrelate ratings with all the people who plan to attend a future event

This. Don’t know why it was changed to something less useful?

Please keep “My Friends” tab, I use it all the time.


The function is very useful, if it gives an alphabetic list of users who have had the beer and gives a direct link to their rating.