New Mexico Suggestions?

I’ll be in New Mexico for five nights starting 1/21. First three nights in Santa Fe, last night in Albuquerque (fuck those 6am flights), and one night in ???

Where should I spend that last un-booked night? Looks like it will be a Monday, so that will probably limit some things. Any cool towns with an excellent brewery or two and a reasonable driving distance to Albuquerque?

Just eat all the green and red chile!!!

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I wish my doctor would let me. :frowning:

Los Alamos would be a good stop. It’s the healthiest county in the United States for a lot of reasons. Great hiking, scenery, good food. Bathtub Row Brewing is worth a stop, great beer garden across the street from Oppenheimer’s house.

In Santa Fe don’t miss Rowley’s Farmhouse Ales, tell John & the team I said hi.