New NYC Forum

Went in here to see all the lively discussion and try out the new forums, but sadly it looks like it is about as active as the old one, and it also looks like NJ forum didn’t make the cut for the new one. I guess we are kind of a dead region at this point. Cheers to those out there still rating in the greater NYC area. :beers:

should have come met me :stuck_out_tongue: had a pretty decent NYC tour. have to say bar wise wasn’t blown away but man you rock the local brewpub scene. lots of superb brewpubs

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Sorry I missed it, maybe next time!

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Been busy in general so havent had time to re-acclimate to the new format - but will try to keep some sort of activeness in NYC! Tick on tickers…

I wish I had seen at least a few of the NY crowd. I’ve been here since 2012 and I only saw Jow once, for about 5 mins.

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Hello friends.


You were in the same brewery as me once, as we determined… that’s sort of close. Anyway, I would like to some day meet a ratebeerian… hehe

If anyone is interested we can have a couple of drinks one day this week, I’m relatively free and can gonout as early as 5:30 pm. Any takers?

This week is a definite No. Some time in the near future, probably yes. Bar, bottles or brewery… whichever.

Huh? I didn’t think there were many brewpubs in NYC. Threes…what else?

Keg & Lantern, Death Ave, Paulaner, Heartland, Greenpoint and lots of tasting rooms with food vendors. Threes have a full service bar, but their food is also from an external vendor.

Kills Boro and Circa, neither of which are on Ratebeer yet…

Both were added in last couple of days

Great, this will save me the trouble!