New Place Type: Beer Shop with Bar

I don’t know if this is just a UK phenomenon but I am increasingly coming across places which are not quite a bar and not quite a beer shop. Usually small units in shop fronts which may primarily be a beer shop but also have facilities to drink in. Is it worth adding a new Place type?

So something like:

Beer Shop with Bar
Beer Shop/Micro Pub

… or the likes?

Yeah id really like this as well.
I nearly didnt goto a place i liked in NYC as thought just a bottle shop

but been mentioned before. SO doubt we will see it

Ive often thought this. However, im sure a long list of reasons will be brought up as to why it wont come into effect.

And no, not a UK thing. Can think of many places across Europe that would fit this category

Yeah these are all over New York and Philadelphia. I have also been to places like this in Moscow, Kyiv and Paris (in fact these places have been in the former two for quite a while… zhyvoe pivo/zhyve pivo).

There are also quite a few “craft” places these days that are most definitely bars but also have fridges full of beer that are for drinking in or taking out (often with a price differential). I know it’s generally been possible to buy to take out in regular pubs but I’m talking abut places that make a particular thing of it.

Then we have the slightly confusing category of Brewery/Taproom where there’s often a beer shop on site too. Some taprooms also sell beer to go but others don’t and there’s no way of knowing unless it’s been mentioned in a review - which means you have to read all the reviews (not that there’s often a whole load of them) and, even then, might not get the full picture. There are also Grocery Stores that have a bar (e.g. Whole Foods in Kensington, Ancoats General store in Manchester), places that sell beer and homebrew supplies and various other combinations

The simple solution to this would be to allow multiple category boxes to be checked. Or, perhaps, not so simple from a coding perspective. But, as Craig says, there have been suggestions for dealing with these situations in the past and nothing has been done, so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

In the absence of that I’d personally prefer places that have more than one facet to have separate listings for each. It’s easy to miss a good place for drinking beer because it’s listed as a beer store or a place that’s good to buy beer to go because they’re listed as a bar.


Places that are bottle shops that have bars are all over the US. I just list them as bottle shops and mention in place rate that they have a growler station or sell pints or what ever.


Yeah, that’s the best we can do as things are.

But it would be better if you could see that without reading all the reviews. It’s not so bad for cities with relatively few places. Or for places with few reviews. But, otherwise it’s easy to miss. If you have to read the reviews to find out what type of place it is, that rather defeats the object of having different categories in the first place. And that’s assuming someone has done as you do and put the relevant information in the review - which can’t be guaranteed, especially with zero-word reviews being allowed & all.

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Bottle shops should have drink in checkbox. Bars should have beer to go checkbox.


Perhaps the system should be reconfigured that one place could be a restaurant/bar/bottleshop or something like that. Obviously that would require a restructuring of the whole system but it would be more accurate.

Places already have checkboxes for various features - wifi, child-friendly etc - but, unfortunately, you can’t search or filter lists by them so its usefulness is severely limited. Particularly in cities with a lot of places as you have to look at each & every place to get the relevant info.

Have we always allowed zero-word reviews and do zero-word reviews add value?

But I cannot update the checkboxes for places like I used to; when a place starts carrying growlers, gets a bar, adds wifi etc.

No and highly questionable.

Oh yeah, that stuff seems to have disappeared from places pages. I don’t know when or why. And whether it’s permanent and/or deliberate. It’s still there on place edit pages. Which I think are still out of bounds to regular users.

We’ve had a similar thing with brewers for as long as I can remember. The edit brewer page only visible to admins has a field for “Date Established” but that doesn’t appear anywhere on the brewer page. I don’t know if it ever did.

Advanced place search which supports searching those parameters should be added to solve that problem.

Something I’ve been advocating for years. Again, don’t hold your breath.

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May be Barshop?
We have some in Belarus:

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Barshop is a cool name! Just to list them as “bottleshops” is not good enough.
Grocery store-bottleshop-barshop-bar, it is a difference.

Yeah i was eating in NYC with The Peter and he suggested going a few door downs to a place we walked past. I looked up on RB and said oh its just a bottle Shop. We nearly headed the other way, but he said let me just check. and Man i really liked it as a bar had 10 taps of decent quality. We nearly walked away from

Then we can hope for the day when we get four of them in a Row