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How about:

Store with Rateables


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I would say it depends where now… Places long closed are plaguing RB as well as brewers opened as long as 2017 without their Associated places… Guess it follows the trend of the rest of the website… They took so much time reorganizating the new MAP… And It still isn’t available with the App

So, new proposal:

Brewpub - exists
Beer Store - exists
Internet-based - exists
Homebrew shop - exists
Brewery - rename
Bar / Pub - rename
Restaurant / Gastro Pub - rename
Grocery / Convenience / Liquor Store - rename
Brewery Taproom - new
Beer Store + Taps - new
Cidery - new
Meadery - new
Shuzo/Sake producer - new

Would this be okay, unless more people would back splitting of Liquor Stores from food/convenience stores?

Seriously I would be really fine with that.

Beer Store to Beer Specialist Store
And separate new Liquor Store

would be more than fine

Wouldn’t complicate it with the Specialist myelf.

Let’s poll this up.


  • Yes
  • No

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Yes. But don’t call it Liqour Store because we’re not all in America.

We don’t rate liquor here. I realize that beer is sold in many states in liquors stores (including WV), but not all (some states have interesting alcohol laws). The other thing is if we have liquor stores are we going to have wine stores also? It might be easier to just have Bottle Shop or Beer Store which ever people prefer.

Food should probably be Grocery.

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You’re right, brainfart for a sec, fixed.

Back to the original post. I would find it useful to know that a bar has bottles that you can purchase to go or a bottle shop has a bar with taps.

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I have never heard of Beer Specialist Store, but what about Beer Boutique.

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Bottles to go - a tag that might be added (along with, dunno cash-only and other missing ones).

Bottle shop with a bar with taps is the new entry you can see there as Beer Store + Taps

This is wild. Seems really unnecessary to me to split out beer stores.

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Liquor Store is a colloquial term. It not using in the UK at all. In fact if an East London establishment was called a liquor store I’d be expecting to be served pie and mash, not alcohol.


Bottle Shops vs Beer Specialist Store?

Like I said, here in Canada so Bottle Shops carry almost no beer but they are listed because they are the only places to carry Meads, Ice Ciders and Sake (but they sell mainly Wines, Liquors and Spirits)

For what it is worth, I like to know in advance whether a beer store has drink-in taps, and/or an area to drink bottles on site.

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Funnily enough, Bottle Shop, like Liqour Store, is not particularly used in the UK. We need to add Offie. :laughing:


Most of those things would work really well if they just added the full list of clickable Tags to add to each places that we posted before

Growlers available or not (missing since the update)
Tasters/flights available or not (new)
Animals Allowed (new)**
Cash Only / No Credit cards (new)
Online Orders & Delivery for Beer Stores

Add to this list things like making a distinction for Bottles between Bottles to go and Bottles to drink on-site
Pub Menu
Full menu

Unfortunately, most choices still don’t exist and the ones that do appear only do on the Place page and some on the map, but not everywhere (place search, city pages) so we can’t know on a quick sight

Why would anyone ask about animals allowed? I don’t own one so not the thing I would ask so would always be blank. Same with child friendly to be honest.

Same for cash only. You still have to pay for beer and I’d say most people on here carry card or cash.

Tasting flights is definitely something worth adding.

The question is really when people add places/venues can they be bothered to tick all sorts of boxes. Maybe some sort of simplification of the opening times would be useful as this varies place by place as would autosearch of the postcode as it’s a ballsache to add places on a phone if you are there.
Not all venues have websites you can go back and look at. German brewery taps being a really good example of this.

Bodega? :slight_smile: