New Places Pages

Do people like the new format? It seems the bird and f, need to be switched to go along with the correct site (this is after you click the three points with the two lines). Also anybody know how to get a map with the places marks where you can zoom in and out?

I do and I don’t.

It’s certainly prettier than before - though I wouldn’t necessarily say more useful in all aspects - the need to scroll to see some things I want to see immediately. It might take a while to get used to. I think that some important things were unnecessarily moved from the page’s focal part, but let’s see how that pans out.

It’s a work in progress, so there are some missing features which should hopefully be reintroduced ASAP, as I don’t see any reason to remove them outright.

The map’s definitely unfinished and most of its usefulness has been stripped, but should be pretty cool once it’s done. It will be annoying as fuck until it’s done, however, but they DO know it needs to show other places.

It shows other places using desktop at least, but it’s nowhere near complete…like adding filters for example.

The map is hilarious, it’s taken a place I have entered recently from Patchogue, New York to West Wyalong, Australia!
@services take a look at the map and the address is corresponds to please


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Another page done, another slightly different design. Wow. Will Ratebeer ever converge towards a unified look?

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What did you click to get that?

One thing I just noticed: The number of places rated used to be shown next to the user name, now it’s the number of beers rated. I think I’d prefer to have the number of places rated


One would say that it makes sense, uh?


That’s pretty relevant.

The ability to add checkins seems to have disappeared from places pages, is there another way to add them or now gone for good


Seems to be a bug, or we can rate extremely accurately (54.2857):

It’s a bug and they are aware of the issue. I guess that the coders were unaware that food and value don’t count towards the score - they fixed it for the place pages themselves after it was pointed out, but the ratings are shown fucked up on our profiles and there.

Wasn’t anti the new design until going to check in somewhere earlier today, first time since the change. And I couldn’t. Can see danlo has raised this as well. Is this a deliberate change that’s gone for good (very disappointing if so) or only temporary (and if so when will if be back as it’s very useful particularly when touring).

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Noted and will be fixed :slight_smile:

We’re working on this one right now and the first priority was to get the actual map back in working order. Filters to come soon!

Please do let us know if there are certain snippets of information that you feel should be more prominent and positioned higher. We are trying to improve readability overall and enable better scalability; unfortunately additional scrolling comes with that.

We understand that some people are happy with chaos on a page, whilst others prefer something more minimalistic. What we can all agree on is that we should display as much information as we have available to us.

Whilst the excess white space and breathing room may not be appreciated by all, we are trying to find a happy medium and hope that over time, the updated designs do grow on our users and enable a better viewing experience.

Far from done anstei. Work in progress and every piece of feedback helps us get towards that mirror finish! We’re actually now leveraging Material Design guidelines too :raised_hands:

You should hopefully see more design consistency with everything we begin to unveil this year (from desktop to mobile-web to our native mobile app). We are not going big-bang with a complete overhaul and re-skin across the entire site, but progressively working our way there. Less of a makeover, more of a transformation :hugs:

Really missing the Check in function, it was an important function to some.


Any idea how to find a specific users rating?

Or sort by highest to lowest rating?

Or sort by most to least rated places?

As mentioned above, number of place ratings instead of number of beer ratings next to the user names please. Or even both.

The scores really, somehow feel like they are just too much “in a corner”. The focus is on the name of the place and that area, and the scores are “far” from that. Maybe it’s just me.

Also, chaos really isn’t the opposite of minimalism. Chaos is the opposite of minimalism when the opposite of minimalism is badly made. Balance is what should definitely be sought in any case.

I second that. Would also love to see the mayorships changed to from place check-ins, not beer check-ins.