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I am not impressed with the new pages and stated so on a Feedback Thread before I found this page (another gripe is the way the Forums and latest posts seem to be randomly shown when I come onto the forum pages).


What are your thoughts here guys on making this number a total of all reviews?

I know you can’t directly compare a beer review to a place review, but our thoughts here with Ex. 2 was that we could highlight a users total contribution to the RateBeer community instead of distinctively separating it out to the ‘type of review’.

We have run a survey with some users about how they feel about this and they were asked questions like:

  • Whether an accurate total per review type is important to them when reading a review.

  • Whether a user who reviews more of one type has too much “credibility” their reviews in a lower reviewed category if we combined them. eg. User has 20 beer reviews and 500 places review.

Keen to hear all your thoughts here as well.




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Yes, the Place Reviewing total should be showing, not Beer Rating totals or a combination of both totals. Place Reviews are completely different to Beer Rates.



Place ratings numbers show on its own.
Mixing the beer and place rating is a meaningless mess.

If there is room for it showing both beer and place ratings side by side, is fine by me.


Show place rating numbers on its own, please.
Combined numbers could be a good idea seen from the outside, through a narrow keyhole…
If the goal is to make RB irrelevant, just continue with great ideas like this…


Place rating number on its own. Place ratings are separate to beer ratings.

Also, restore the number next to mayor which showed the number of the visits/unique day rates.


I don’t mind the change to the new place rating system. But I do mind the loss of the check-in function. I used to track my check-ins, and this is no longer possible.


When looking at a place review from a user, have their number of place reviews in total shown, do not mix.

When looking at a beer review from a user, have their number of beer reviews in total shown, do not mix.


I honestly don’t know where they got the idea that the number of others’ place ratings isn’t important for users when looking at their reviews… And how one could possibly come to that conclusion. :confused:


Remember in forums next to our names it would state. (Beer rates/place rates). But of course when looking at places I want to see users place ratings and on beer page vice versa. A combo would be meaningless. (4750/365) is my info since no one will click multiple time to check


You may be aware that BA had (or still has) something called “karma”, for 20 years, and this is similar.

I expect that most people will still want to see the individual counters, but I’m not against the concept.

Just two major points:

  • let the individual counters exist and be visible (e.g. on “list of top beer raters”, and by hovering over the contribution)
  • introduce a smart calculation for the contribution (see below)

We quickly notice that the top beer rater has 60k ratings but the top place rater has 3.5k reviews; so place reviews should weight approx 10x; and count other contributing activities, such as adding a new beer (high weight), adding a new place (highest weight), check-in (low weight), add distro (low weight)…


I third this motion (if I can)…

I advocate for both ratings displayed (Beer/Place). Combined makes no sense unless if its for some sort of score for overall contribution.

In fact, all website contribution should be listed and easy to find on our profile page:

  1. Number of beer reviews
  2. Number of beer ticks
  3. Number of beer total ratings (reviews + ticks)
  4. Number of new beer entered
  5. Number of beer distribution added
  6. Number of place reviews
  7. Number of new place entered

All those things should give us a total score (user Community ranking of some sort)



I’d still like both displayed but it would be nice to have an overall contribution score too taking account of all site contributions.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone.

I’ll push on my end for a single value (Beer total on beer reviews / Place total on place reviews) on my end as that is resonating with everyone.

Thank you for being open to the idea. Our gut feel was that highlighting total contributions would be a good thing for our power users (especially those that don’t have as many place reviews compared to their beer reviews).

We will explore this one in the future I think; a more detailed User Profile pop-over. :wink:

“The way to get good ideas is to get lots of ideas and throw the bad ones away.” – Linus Pauling

Work with us through the bad ones and together we’ll get it right! :beers:



It’s not as if many users can be bothered to rate places anyway (outside of a couple of hundred hardcore place raters) . Not showing place rating numbers might encourage those couple of hundred not to bother any longer…


True, but RB has some history, lack of ideas isnt a hallmark for this site. Places section is one of the major RB assets. Place ratings build the quality of our DB, we should encourage more users to use this feature, hiding the place rating numbers, would not do this, thats my humble opinion.


My bad, they didn’t port it from the alpha test version for the moment.