New poll for country region splits. VOTE!

We did this a long time ago but now we’ve started splitting a bunch more so I decided to redo the poll to try to get more people to vote here. This is obviously not a final list at all, just a running target for the moment. We can do more in the future

Which countries should get split next
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Mexico
  • Japan
  • Wales
  • Ireland
  • Poland
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Russia
  • Sweden
  • Finland

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Also this is not official and based on anything other than the countries that have had more discussion over in the regions split thread. These are just based on what I understand people are saying, and statistics for breweries etc. I’ve obviously omitted many, but none by design. So just write the names of the others below if you think there should be one in next that’s missing.



Alright but you get four more

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sweeden, denmark, finland irland

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Ok, voting has already revealed we need to talk about Russia, so made a thread on how that should be split, as we’ve basically agreed how to split all the other main leaders here so far.
If you have constructive input:

I just voted for the five most popular countries amongst users that don’t have regions :smiley:


I think this thread shows there are not many people using this side of the site, with only a few of those that care about these new country splits.

Maybe if @solidfunk linked this thread to his various country posts asking about how a country should be regionalised we’d get a bigger audience and a better idea of the memberships thoughts?


To be fair, it’s only been 12 hours since he posted it, and a lot of people clearly check the forums less often than that.

Based on activity across the different forums though, maybe it needs posting in the UK & Ireland forum to get the most responses! :smiling_imp:


I wish. Those various country posts all have like one or two local commenters at most. Except for the Irish split one, which for better or for worse had a decent amount of comments.

The issue for me on mobile at least. Is due to the few pinned threads in “site news forum”there is no way to see that this thread exists or has a new post in it from main forum page. So would have to click on site news specifically looking to see if anyone posted. Also we just don’t have many forum users

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Ya actually I heavily agree with that. On the phone, there are so many pinned threads about guidelines that pop up that I never see more than like one “hot topic” at a time, which just ends up being the last thing people commented on. @services and @Joet should probably think about doing something about that if you want people on cellphones to actually engage on forums. Either remove those pinned topics on cellphone version or figure out some other way to deal with it.

If you click on the forum menu & then click on latest, it will always show you the most recently updated threads in all forums. That way you can always see the latest in any forum.

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At the moment about 75% regions are from English speaking countries, like I said in other thread: more variety would be nice.


Agreed. Seems like the people agree too, given lead by Holland and Poland

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Voting’s slowing down here. Seems like Netherlands is the pretty clear favorite for next, which isn’t that surprising really. Then Italy, Spain, Poland, Ireland. Not that this necessarily has any bearing on what @services will split next, or what the wider user base outside of those of us who use forums want, but here’s something of a guide at least.

I know we had the Netherlands split somewhere but I can’t find it at the moment.

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I wish there was also a way to assign priority to these picks. Japan would be my top pick, I could finally make use of some of those rare sake ticks :smiley:
That being said, the current top countries look like great choices also.


Finally someone else giving Japan a push many thanks

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