New Randolph Beer Brewpub

Just wondering if anyone has checked out or heard anything about the new location in Dumbo. Apparently they are making their own beers now? I don’t know anyone who has been yet, anyone here?

Never heard of it. Have to try to stop in.

Heard of it. Only a couple miles from me, but I have not had a chance to hit it up. Similarly, I have not been to Circa yet either in the same area.

I did go to Randolph Beer DUMBO last week and wrote about it. Nice place, they had 5 of their beers available. None of them was striking though all were drinkable

Good to know, I still plan to check it out eventually, but I am WAY behind on my new Brooklyn breweries. Haven’t even made it KCBC or Interboro yet, let alone the new ones like this or Circa or any of the others that opened in between.