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New RateBeer Investment


i wouldnt be overly bothered if rate beer had improved since the intial investment.
But im stiull waiting for an app that comes close to Erics, and Still loath the unpredicable search


I’m an IT guy and, some time ago, I’ve written a code to migrate my beer reviews from BeerAdvocate to Ratebeer. I guess that, with a small investment, I can create something that does the opposite :wink:


When was this actually completed? I need to know which month pays out in our betting pool.


Love the post super bowl drop :joy:


Guys I just won my “First Emoji” badge. Not sure why y’all are so critical of the new website features…


Untappd would likely be more popular




Inevitable. Even with the initial investment, there was never a fully formed plan to turn the place around. Just a new coat of paint, empty promises, and a laughable idea that things were getting better


@joet Speaking theoretically - could AbInbev shut this place down if they wanted to?


That’s the next betting pool payout milestone.

Sadly, the logistics of dispensing news and payment to the winner may need to be reconsidered.

Something-something ponderous about a tree falling in the woods with nobody around to hear it.


It would be horrible to see RB shut down!!! But on one side, I would probably cut way back on drinking and giving a shit about beer. I would hope Joe was smart enough to add some sort of deal that would not happen??


They will not shut it down, for sure. Beer geeks (or enthusiasts, if you prefer) are exactly what they are looking for to understand better the craft beer world. That’s the information that they are looking for at Ratebeer. It makes a lot of sense and I don’t understand why the’ve took so much time to do it. With the information found here, they will be able to follow up which are the market tendencies since it’s clear that craft beer is/will become a big slice of the market.
In a nutshell: business :wink:


Yes of course and nothing Joet says can disprove this fact because he doesn’t own the site and he doesn’t make the decisions.


In fairness, the acquisition contract could give him certain consent rights over certain decisions. Obviously, the contract is confidential (as all M&A contracts are), so we cannot know unless there was a specifically negotiated carveout in the contract with respect to publicizing that aspect of the transaction. If I were negotiating the contract, I would have tried to have as many of such rights as possible.


I feel so sorry for the hard working Admins who are going to be brushed aside like yesterday’s laundry.


Yep, that was my line of thinking.


Possible yes but not for an infinite period and since both parties cannot be trusted to tell the truth one cannot know.


Finally my ratings are fully owned by one of the big players. So glad for all the unpaid work of the past few years.


RB officially in the Facebook model of tech. Get your data and sell it. (Bringing full circle the plans I mentioned at the initial acquisition)


Incredibly stupid move if you want a credible beer ratings website.