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For me I like the maps and way stats displayed here do other sites have similar? Also I’m big into sake, cider and mead and don’t believe those are rateable elsewhere. Plus the global aspect here for example the Belfast advice I got recently, doing beer tasting In Scotland with crew and same in Rome, in person trades with Europeans visiting here plus all other friends I’ve met many no longer active.

I do lurk and post a little on BA forums since dead here and there is no local forum for my area of country on RB. Not a fan of untapped at all yet try to get tap lists sometimes usually fail


Going a different route, this IS helpful:


Nope. I’m talking about this:


It does not exist in BA.


You mean BA.


Exactly. That’s what I’m talking about. This is only possible because in RB you have a big community of Europeans reviewing beers. It’s not the case of BA. I’ve been there for a couple of years and that’s the reason why I’ve left. As website and infrastructure they are pretty ok.


That’s definitely stats that I would like to see on BA.


Well, at least the forums are not dead today…


May I just point out the high density of hypocrites in this thread?

You would have done exactly the same with respect of the takeover, should you be so fortunate to be in Joet’s shoes. He took a great risk by taking over the website and investing a career, time, and money to build it up. As the craft beer market exploded, it turned out that he bet on the right horse.


Yet here we have a bunch of Corporate Cassandras coming out of the woodwork predicting doom upon the future of the website. Why don’t you withhold your premature judgments for a while, and see how it’s going to turn out.


That’s an unusual day… I’m drinking a Bordeaux Supérieur, for instance… :stuck_out_tongue:


And…I’ve asked the question why the best beers list can’t be expanded beyond the current 13 countries.



The question is: Even if they expand the country list, there would be enough ratings for the beers of that country? I can answer you that: no. :thinking:


Name me a Swiss beer and I will see how many reviews there are on BA vs RB. :wink:


It depends of the brewery. Some swiss brews are popular in US, for instance:

Some of the recent ones maybe do not exist in BA:


It’s there but only 1 rating.


Once again, BA is too american. European brews there, are mainly the ones which are part of some hype. If you check their list with the 250 best beers, you gonna find, with some effort, around 15 European brews. From this list, the BIG majority will be Cantillon and 3 Fonteinen (expected Westvleterens). De Struise, Mikkellers and etc are ignored…
If you take the top 50 RB list (which is already considerably american), you have 12 European brews (24%). On the other hand, if you take the top 250 BA list, you will gonna find around 15 European brews (6%). :wink:


Depends on which top 250 list you look at.


This one is fair enough…


It’s the only one that I pay attention to.


What we have here clearly is another win for @Gary