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Can you check the language on your browser?


This is on Safari on my phone (iPhone 7s, I think). Checked settings for Safari and I don’t see an option to select a default language.


But it’s just a review site, no social interaction like Rate Beer. Might as well rate on Facebook.


It’s also not English on my Safari browser on my laptop. Checked the language preferences using the website you linked, and it says English.

Alternatively, I could always just learn Swedish…


doin’ @VsXsV proud


You do know that Cassandra was right but no one believed her, correct?


I feel like I’ve got a belly full of white dog crap right now. Thanks, Joe!!


count me in when it’s up and running ! how will we know though ? :confused:


Is the future of Ratebeer bright?

@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Outlook not so good




Perhaps I should have used the adjective self-proclaimed.

Edit: Discobot = Cassandra :exploding_head:




Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


The German version of that website specifies that the term “personal data” is to be interpreted as widely as possible to mean “any data that can in any thinkable way be related to a username or a person”. It explicitly states that answers a student gives in an exam are also personal data under GDPO. Another sentence says that not just objective data, but also subjective data such as opinion, ratings or assessments can be personal data.

Also, do not forget that although GDPO is a regulation, not a directive, almost everyone of the 28 EU countries changed their own data protection laws to be compatible with it. In some cases, these laws might be further reaching than the GDPO.

But then again, I am not a lawyer. But judging from what I read in legal journals in the past year (yeah I’m one of those people who read legal journals for fun), lawyers are not 100% sure about the implications either (they are sure about some things, such as that political opinions are especially protected under GDPR, and that it technically is illegal for news media to state that Jean-Claude Juncker is a member of the conservative party in Luxemburg without his explicit consent).


There is also another admin thread, in total hundreds of posts that i won’t read again, but what I remember is that people are not bitter at Joe.
“Nobody” blames him for selling.

For this I refer everybody to Craig’s poll.
If we open the bets, I voted for “Rb will thrive”.

She was right just once, isn’t it?


No, she was believed just once.


Complying with the GDPO is apparently quite hard work, because of the depth and bredth of what it covers. All reviews, all checkins, all messages, all feedback, all forum posts, old and new, all everything, basically, that is stored and associated with you.

It really, really makes sense for @joet to make “download all my ratings” a feature for everyone, as that will be a hundred times less painful than having to handle even one correctly performed GDPO request.

Obviously, I ANAL.


This is how it appears to me now


Yeah, we just found out that behind @cgarvieuk there was no human being, but a cosmic alien creature, the kind that grows in your chest and then gets out with a screech. So we suspended all his activities.

Also, he’s 3 squirrels and a trenchcoat.