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I’ve just checked and there’s no way of parsing the HTML page to retrieve data. The guys have done a good protection job. I agree that we should be allowed to have the option of download our ratings. But I do not believe that’s gonna happen

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Most users of this site don’t even use the forums, so beer and place ratings will hardly be effected. I am staying.




Really really sad news. Since the last two years this site has become worse and worse and worse. Terrible forum (I really tried to get used to it), watchlist disappeared, wants/haves on beer page disappeared, completely useless new features released… Time to looks for other options.



Well, you could also view it contrary to that: Investing a career, time and money, just to let this whole project lose its credibility at once, because it is taken over by the biggest “enemy” of what this site is about.

I agree that the majority propably would have done the same and I also don’t “blame” JoeT. But still, money isn’t the only thing that matters and everyone has a choice.



I was just about to write what Blackhaddock said. The comments so far are from a very small amount of users. It oftem amazes me when i rate a beer from a far flung country and see raters ive never noticed with over 10k ratings, none of whom post in forums and many who dont know or care about the ABinbev ownership.

As long as they carry on, so will i. As far as ABInbev’s mysterious intentions we’ll wait and see. All ill say is when Untappd had their huge investment, they were very transparent about their plans, changes were quick & the app improved greatly. We’ve had no such assurance here.

** :wave: waves to the ABInbev / ZX management hilariously scrolling through this thread **



Totally that. I hope @joet has made a killing.
If his plan was to get out, this was probably his best shot at it.

I hope it goes from strenght to strength. Ratebeer has brougth me so much
as i said 18 months ago

But ive found it a struggle to use, the slow loss of usefullness of Erics app with no reasonable replacement has really reduced my enjoyment of the site



Yeah, that is definitely not how things work. This is why lots of news websites based in the US have simply blocked visitors entirely from the EU in the meantime; either they don’t give a shit about anyone’s privacy or they’re too lazy to actually implement the data portability section of the regulations.

Either way, downloading our own data should always be free.



As someone who is no longer premium and copies ratings one at a time to a .csv file I should point out that it is free, just inconvenient.



Yes, but RateBeer doesn’t use corn syrup…



But do they use rice?

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It’s like you want to withdraw your $10 000 from your bank account but the bank only accept you to retrieve it with 10 cents coins… :stuck_out_tongue:



Maybe since Abinbev2000 or whatever it’s called is Belgo-Brazilian, it will mean we’ll get at least those two countries split into regions. I’ll take anything at this point, even if it’s city district split of Singapore.



I’m going to do what I did when the partial purchase was announced. Wait and see.

I know a lot of users have had problems with the changes to the site. I personally think that the forum is leaps and bounds better than the old ones. Joe and others had said for years and years before the initial partial purchase that the site needed a lot of work on the back end. As a web developer they probably could have rolled out changes a bit better, but they’ve been pretty responsive for most issues, and bugs are almost always inevitable. For the most part, communication has been pretty good on that end.

I don’t buy into the conspiracies that many beer fans buy into. I’m honestly not sure how useful the site data will be to them. Ratebeer is a very specific segment of the craft beer community. They would be better off gunning for some of that Untappd data. I would not be shocked if there are more rates on Untappd in a single weekend than RB does in a year. There are beers that have been added 6 years ago that haven’t even hit that 10 ratings threshold.

The biggest knock here is to whatever “reputation” Ratebeer still had with the craft beer community. Justified or not, ABInbev’s ownership of the site is problematic with a huge segment of the craft beer world. Unless that attitude changes, there’s no way to work around this plain and simple fact.



I’m with you on that. If ABInBev really wanted to use trending user’s database for business, they would use Untappd one over RateBeer everyday since RB’s one is nowhere near as complete as UT’s one in the recent years. I do think however that they plan on using RB as a distribution marketing platform in a near future, since they own so many breweries around the world… I guess we will see…



I will consent that BeerAdvocate is too US-centric, unfortunately, but that still hasn’t stopped it from becoming my favorite beer-related site even though I’m from Germany. The reason for this, and I do disagree heavily with the other main objection people seem to have with the site, is the mature and knowledgeable community and civil discourse on the forums. Maybe this was different in the past, I’ve noted people mentioning this now and again, but things have really changed in this regard.

What I also really appreciate about the site is that it really is all about beer, with lots of interesting an in-depth discussions on the subject. You can really feel the passion there. With RateBeer, I often get the impression that the site really is more about “ticks” rather than “beer”, which is one of the main reasons that I prefer BeerAdvocate. There is none of the stat-boasting and obsession with statistics there that is so very common around here.



Have to admit, the stats on RB are what attracted me to the site and what keeps me here. Especially colouring in various maps. Plus obviously the great folk on here too, especially those on the UK forum.




RB gives me exactly what I am looking for: good stats.

Plus a friendly and knowledgeable user base



Late to the show here.
First congratulations to Joe! After all his hard work he deserves success, couldnt meet a nicer bloke.
Second, i think its basically over for the RB we all knew and loved, such is life. But the old style RB has been fading fast since the first investment to be honest, and i didnt renew my P membership.
I still prefer doing my reviews here, but spend way more time on BA, particularly the local forums.
I know have to decide if i really want to do reviews here for the benefit of a huge corporation.
Its bad enough already here with reviews from the PNW…maybe only half a dozen of us do so regularly and i still feel loyalty to Joe and Doug.
Have to take a hiatus from RB and think about it.



Got the .csv - will knock together a GUI - perhaps JavaFX, some code the the parse the .csv (only 15 fields) to import in a DB - maybe lightweight one such as H2, some simple CRUD code to link DB and front end, add some SQL queries to search for beers etc.