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What other side? And how do we download our ratings or transfer them?


How do you get the .csv? Thanks.


You buy premium support…


And then go to your profile and you will find a link to download your ratings


And to become premium, just click on the link that says “Danegeld”


Spot on. Long before I joined Ratebeer I used to find it funny that the 10 or so regular posters on a English non-league football forum used to belive that they represented the fan base as a whole. The same here o ly with a a few nore regulars. Also there’s a certain amounts dummies being thrown out of prams/entitlement by long term users. Again same as non-league forums/any forums.


That’s what I thought. Thanks. I was Premium for about nine years. I stopped paying after the first Bud invasion. I figure Bud has enough money to run the site. I guess they’re gonna hold my ratings hostage if I don’t pay, but whatever. I’ll just have to check ratebeer before I buy beer to rate at BA.


It looks like they want you to check your iOS settings, Brian…


My language selected in Settings is now, and always has been, English.

Literally no other website or app on my phone or computer shows up as Swedish except for Ratebeer.


This is unwelcomed news, but it is what it is. Definitely going to be backing up my ratings after every share in case the site disappears. Guess I’m in wait and see mode as to my future plans.


Just to add… It’s also Swedish on Google Chrome on my work desktop.


Can I get my donation money back from the past 17 years? I could really use it now that I’m retired.


We will see where this goes nervous for sure.

  • people can keep rating freely
  • data won’t disappear or be lost
  • there will be some changes in the formula to calculate scores
  • there will be marketing
    I can live with that.
    I’m just waiting to see if there is some progress with the interface developments and data intake.


Hey @eduardovl, this link worked for me even if I’m not premium. (Used to be, but haven’t for more than a year)


Hello @anstei, I suppose that you are still premium. In my case, clicking on the link drive to the page that ask me to buy premium :wink:


A few thoughts. I’ve worked with ZX Ventures on a couple of events and it gave me a bit of insight into things. I’m also helping a friend set up a pub which was eye opening.

I’m not ‘against’ macro or corporate beer. It’s inevitable. It’s how things work. You set up a new brewery, it becomes successful, a bigger fish comes along and wants to buy you out to make you part of their portfolio of brands. There is no master plan to ‘destroy’ craft beer. They are simply dealing with the market. The market wants craft beer, so the big boys need craft options in their portfolio to sell with their other brands. It gives them more options over their rivals, particularly in the on trade when they are supplying bars and pubs.

However, when they push their brands, and compete with rival corporate brewers, independents get squeezed. they buy out bar space and supermarket shelf space and by massively reducing the cost of ingredients through buying power, they undercut everyone.

So yeah, it does effect the little guys, but the advantage the little guy will always have is quality and attention to detail. And in the UK, a duty rate, that balances things up against the dodgy things the big boys do.

As for Ratebeer as we know it? It’s effectively dead. As a few have pointed out, this will eventually become a platform to point drinkers to their beers. Check out the ratings and then click here to go to Beerhawk to buy it. I’d also expect to see them pushing the ratings for their brands eventually.

I would imagine the data will be used to test reaction to their brands too, although this may be secondary.

What they definitely don’t need is a hardcore set of critical beer nerds using the site to tick obscure craft beer. In fact, I think the forums pages are deliberately being run down to get rid of people. They don’t want beer nerds moaning about them and having an active user base communicating together will not serve their needs at all.

Their aim will be to eventually have a middle of the road site, which is purely for the average punter. Data is being picked up, consumers are being pointed to off sales, ratebeer scores are used to help market their beers. Critical set of beer nerds having a say in the site? No thanks.

It’s nothing personal but their aim will be purely corporate and they have nothing to gain from keeping the site as it was. They will have a very clear set of aims and reasons for buyng this.

However, where they need to be careful is if the credibility of the site is so damaged, that people stop using it. We can already see that the number of beers and ratings added is dropping off. They probably don’t care about this, because for them it will be going a bit more mainstream and less niche. The question is whether that is possible. I’d imagine that they’ve looked at the data and thought ‘yes’, hence the full buyout.


Th number of new beer added hasn’t droped, a few days back i did a check to see how long it took to add 10,000 beers. Its stays constant at aroung 5/6 months for the last three years


has or hasn’t?

And ratings or new beers?


Hasnt (edited)
I dont know any way to check if rating have changed. Suspect you could be right
But was surprised to not see any noticible difference in time taken to add 10000 beers