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I’ll be in DFW and Kingsville/Brownsville mid-March. Hang?




I use the airport example. Before at an airport bar, you basically had the choice of Bud, Miller and Coors. Now, they can offer a selection of different beers (in their portfolio) and still make the same (or more) money. Capitalism and free market at it’s finest…


Take a look at Beerhive. Still young, still growing and very Belgium focused, but I love the interface…


As Cavie mentioned above I’m taking the same stand. I’ll still be rating and adding everything I can from Nashville to the database. I think the goal would be for AB to push out as many quality raters as they can or scare them off so the checks and balances will be gone. I’d like to stay here and keep helping promote and push the Nashville craft beer scene. I don’t really care what AB does, but I don’t think I will re-upping on my premium since it expired last fall. I rate mostly from my desktop at home or work and tick on untappd. Been here for a few years now and have no real desire to join BA. Oh and if anyone has any plans to hit Nashville definitely feel free to beer mail me.


I’ll be in Arizona then watching baseball.


Again, our qualms seem to be very egocentric, our nation-centric. AB already destroyed the beer industry - in relation to choice - in the states. There were something like 45 breweries in 1979. Even in the 80s, 90% of beer made in the States was made by 3 companies. Things can turn on a dime here. The vast majority of the craft beer market can crash in a generation. If the newest generation (Gen Z?) decides alcohol seltzer and THC beer is the cool thing to drink then you can say goodbye to half the market.


I love Untappd, too, but you can’t write in-depth reviews as you can on RateBeer.


Take them to concerts instead! :laughing:


Lots of craft breweries will crash if they don’t have a plan of succession.



A Beerhive advert just appeared on Facebook advertising themselves as the true independent alternative to Ratebeer.


I took this from the website.

It appears very Belgium centric.



I’m riding it out with RB, so I really tire of all the Untappd, Beerhive ect talk. I can tolerate BA talk, because it would be great if our forums were closer to theirs.

Most of the general beer minded public already thought RB was fully bought out anyway, I don’t see this really tarnishing the reputation more than it already was.

My question is: Does anyone who works for ZX Ventures actively use the site to rate beers?


The former owner of Ratebeer?


Is it at all possible we can hear something from ZX here on the forum?>
Their intentions etc?




How much beer do you gotta rate to be considered “actively rating”?