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New RateBeer Investment


I prefer seeing place reviews from beer geeks more than the general public.


Not if we bring our RB leftovers. I like that site more than BA.


I’ve been a member here since 2001, BA since 2002. Both sites have their pluses and minuses.

TBS, when I last visited before canceling my subscription had just one main guy contributing. Good fella, mind you, but I don’t rec…oh Jesus, it’s already being flooded by RBeerians…


Have you recently looked at the HTML which RB serves you? Good luck reserve engineering those pieces information.


3fourths, Fred Armisen?


I attempted a dual affiliation with BA early last year when things started going sideways with the rework of the RB site. I determined that I was a moderate optimist with RB and a horrible pessimist with BA. I like to think I am the-glass-is-half-full kind of person. Too complicated in my mind so I let it go. And now here I am.


I’ve checked it out right now and the coverage of my neck of woods is so beyond sub par… I mean, it’s worse than BA was way back when in 2003/4 when I chose RB over BA because it had a better coverage (because of Ogivlado). Er, no.


Does anyone know what the sale price was? I’m guessing 30 pieces of silver.


Case of bud light, 5 gallon bucket of corn syrup, $8, and an atta boy.


I have honestly not been active much here in recent times anyway, in large part because the site has actually seemed to get worse with the investment. Not sure that was possible… In any case, I doubt this will somehow make me more active.

I do not really fault Joe, or anyone, for the decision to fully sell. Forums and long-form beer rating are pretty much dead these days, and this place is no different–pretty much a ghost town whenever I do check in.

It’s a sad day in a sense, but perhaps I will stop worrying so much whether or not I have tried a particular beer now that I am pretty certain I will be saying goodbye to RateBeer.

Thanks to SinH4 for sending me the direct URL to compile my ratings, as I could not seem to navigate to it through the normal profile portion of the site (major lulz). For those that want it: https://www.ratebeer.com/compileratings/ratings_201925.txt (I am not actually sure what the date? at the end of the URL actually does, since it doesn’t seem to impact the set or ratings you have access to).


It’s worth pointing out, as @LazyPyro already did in this thread, data relating to any resident of the European Union can be requested by that person at any time, as it is a right afforded to everyone within the EU. This is EU law.

That means that anyone living in the EU or Japan should be able to download their data for free without having to pay for a subscription because it is a legal right. It doesn’t apply to everyone, but it applies to a lot of people.

For what it’s worth, though, I’m keeping my data right here :sunglasses:


Done with BA, done with RB, where are you headed now?


there is a clause in RB’s terms of service that exclude EU law from applicability, but that’s not how this works. Someone should probably have told the American lawyers who wrote that.


I have two points of view.

I’m very happy that my good friend, Joe, could finally cash out and make some serious moulah. Cheers!

On the other hand, fuck what’s ever left of the site. All credibility is lost with this sale. I’m sad I didn’t hit the 5k and wont do it. I’ll download my ratings and be done with beer rating. Wine is better anyway. Thinking that this site will live on is just happy thinking.

I’m apparently still a high ranking admin here but I will not lift a finger when I’m just doing it for ABInBev now and not for joet. Good look keeping the database clean when nobody wants to do free work anymore.


I’ve checked the API and discovered that it completely changed after that I’ve used it in 2014 (when I’ve migrated my reviews from BA). Moreover, now, to access the API, you need a key. I’ve made the request for the key but it can take 7 days to be available (if they really give me). Tough…



I was going to review a beer from Luminous on TBS and the brewery isn’t even in their database! Holy shit.


To me the right refers to “personal data” (such as name, email…) not content written by an individual.
I quote from the GDPR website:
“‘personal data’ means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (the data subject)”
“The data subject shall have the right to receive the personal data concerning him or her (…)”

So if somebody with legal background wants to confirm…


This site looks like it was designed in the 90s. Also my local brewery, Deya, one of the most highly sought after and in-demand breweries in the UK right now doesn’t have a single listing there. Sorry but it’s far too much work to add what would be an absolutely insane number of beers to this website. That’s 50+ right there for one brewery alone, I can’t imagine how many more there are that I’d need to add.

Also it looks incredibly US centric (look at the forums lol). It’s the same problem as BA, it’s useless for non-Americans. I get that it’s a catch 22 here in that in needs more EU users to add more EU beers/breweries, but they won’t join because of the lack of EU beers/breweries…

The site needs a ton of effort from willing users and in this age of brevity with beer reviews I can’t see it happening :confused:



Crazy ozzies…