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There was quite some debate about this before the law came into place and I’ve honestly no idea if a firm conclusion was ever reached.

Since our reviews are tied to our usernames, which themselves are considered personal data, one could argue that the reviews constitute personal data too. Whether or not this would hold any legal weight I’ve no idea, but I too am very interested to hear a legal perspective on this one.

Plenty of discussions can be found on the internet. A popular opinion is that unless your forum post (or in our case, a beer rating) contained PID (for example if you wrote your name and location in each rating) it would not count as personal data. But it seems that it is just that - an opinion.

EDIT: Just to add. Many big companies (Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.) have enabled the option to download literally all your data. I don’t know if they are simply safeguarding themselves, or if this is because of their interpretation of the law is such that anything you write is your own personal data so they feel they have to provide this option?


Who knows. May just give up all together and talk with people in real life.


PM me and I’ll pay a reasonable price. I’d go with BA, though. Untappd kinda sucks.


If you can mind your pints and quarts, one can be fine on BA.


I tried this once. It was horrible.


I would be curious to know why so many people seem to have a problem with BeerAdvocate here, which I’ve always considered to be a much more superior site.


Oh man, this is quite the can of worms. I’d say 1) the culture on BA was always toxic and dominated by the hype and covet beer crew 2) the Bros are really disliked.


IMHO, it’s too American driven. Lots of European breweries are simply missing. The list of beers by country is limited to a pre-defined list…


I wholeheartedly disagree with you. Yeah, there was a heavy hand in the past with post deletions and bannings but it’s a much calmer place now more than ever. I invite everyone to do a revisit to check things out.


Take a big breath in. RB is fucked, or at least the RB as we know it. It’s been a pleasure. See you all on the other side.


BA has plenty of countries listed:

Type in a country. :slight_smile:


This is the list of places, not beers :wink:


Uhhh… my language just got changed to… not English…


A lot of people were banned from BA. I was banned a decade ago for something I said on RB. It was a silly situation. Originally the db was much better here (maybe not so much now). At the moment, I agree with @douglas88 that it’s more hype driven, I don’t fit in as well on that site. They also pushed the magazine too much for a while, not sure if that’s still the case.


Well, duh. You have to click on the country to find the beers. Smarty pants.


@services please help


He/She was let go.


Again, for my neck of woods, extremely sub par. not the pre-2005 level of sub par that other site that was suggested is, but still laughably bad compared to RB.


Ok smarter, could you please teach me how to find the list of best beers from Switzerland?


No I can’t.

Is this helpful: