New recipie = new entry?

New recipie:
Pineapple Earlene is back with an updated recipe! We’ve brewed this batch with a ton of oats, over 600lbs of pineapple, and then heavily double dry-hopped with Ekuanot, Amarillo, and Citra (9lbs per barrel in total!). 7.3% ABV

Old recipe:
This NE IPA was brewed with 250 pounds of pineapple and heavily hopped with Galaxy, Citra, and Zythos. 7.5%ABV

I sent a correction on the beer page. Curious what everyone thinks.

New entry yes but I think it also needs to be clearly labeled as a different product, mentioning the difference on the hops for example.

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Agree. Those are different beers. The old entry should be retired and the new entry should be labelled. How does untappd or BA address this?

Looks like an admin took care of it already! Added the new beer and listed the hops used as part of the name for both beers. Old recipe should be retired. Brewed only once in 2017. Thanks for the quick work.

Should probably add 2017 in the name of the old entry and 2019 in the new entry to help try to avoid confusion since they used the same label for both.

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