New Releases Page design should be the way to go

I will never say it enough, I just love that page design (now that its back online). Everything on it (except the dumb right “Following” column that should be nixed, see Activity Feed thread) is a win.

Each entry if useful.
If you click on the brewer pic, you go to the brewer’s page
If you click on the beer name, you go to the beer’s page
If you click on the Style, you go to that style’s description / top beer page

You have all the useful info you need about that product on 3 single lines (name, brewer, style, date entered, abv, a part of the beer description), listed on 3 different font size that makes it look good.
And all of this with an appropriate width and an appropriate space between each entry. Also the brewer’s logo looks way better as an icon pic than the actual beer pic most of the time.

Why can’t the new search incorporated something like that again? (for example, replacing only the date entered by the score for example) I hope RB realized the New Search is a huge step down compared to that page…many months after its implementation…