New Rochefort Tripel?

A UK forum has been sharing this image today. Rumours on twitter that a new Rochefort tripel is ready to launch. Surprised I’ve not heard anything about this, and can’t find any other information online.

Any Belgians know anything about this? Must be one of the lowest strength tripels out there.

Interesting spelling of ‘tripel’ on the label…:thinking:

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Ouch. This may cause me to lose my status of joint top rated if this brewery…

A Belgian site has been reporting about this (the second article has a photo of one of the brewery’s employees holding the beer, if I am not mistaken):

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In French you spell it like ‘Triple’, Like you see on this old Chimay labels.


I can confirm this is no joke. The Belgian release is this Friday.



So it has already been released. Nice. And the first check-in on UnTappd is by an ex-RateBeer guy :joy:

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So when will they hop on the barrel aged trappist bus?!

So when will they hop on the barrel aged trappist bus treadmill?!

Here we go… Rochefort Extra Hazy Smoothie Pastry Tripel


I wouldn’t expect Rochefort to follow some of their more commercially oriented peers, in launching barrel aged trappists and the likes. Isn’t La Trappe the only trappist brewery doing this at the moment?
They waited 100 years to relaunch their tripel so it’s definitely not a hype thing in their case :slight_smile:

No Chimay are doing it, and extremely well from what I’ve tried so far

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Spencer (American trappist) has even hazy ipa, so nothing would surprise me…

Yes indeed, that sounds logic in this part of Belgium : triple > tripel ; double > dubbel ; quadruple > quadrupel. I guess trappists are more terroir-friendly than geek-friendly. Only French craft brewers are able to do this :slight_smile:

@minutemat: True, how could I forget?