New Search layout vs New Releases page layout: which one you prefer?


I personally would have preferred the new search to have the look of the old New Releases page.
3 Lines:

  1. Clean Beer name
  2. Style and abv listed…
  3. Clean beer description in small fonts
    Clean Pic of the brewer for each beers
    Not too much space between entries

Just replace the “Added X time ago” space on the right using the same 3 lines with

  1. your score
  2. real beer score
  3. Number of ratings
    and you have it!

I absolutely agree with you. In preparation for a festival, I found the new search result page to be useless. I resorted to searching for the brewers and then working from the brewery page onward.

I need something that is more clear, with more relevant information. I’ve long been positive about the site becoming more modern, but a lot of relevant information is being hidden away, amassing needed click to actually find the information you need.


Agree, the new one is uselss.

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Yeah def the first with the info you stated added

I agree. The top one has more info, the bottom one wastes a lot of space.

I hope @joet hires you.

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By far, the old one for reasons mentioned above.

For a while, last week I was back to the old format and I said to myself : “They finally realized that the new format is not working.”