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well @joet did warn us. but fell at my first use looking up Hopcraft beer in tje bow bar. did “hop cra span” and got no results.

so much as i think its a flaw that it ever says no results when the beer exists. its definitely very poor when the split is on words
like hop craft cloud water.

oddly ‘hawks head’ works

Cloud water works for me, hop craft doesn’t.

oh yeah working now (cloud water)

ahh but not

and as for

thats just garbage


what pisses me off here. is im a software engineer, and its taken me all of 60s to demonstrate that this sucks and isn’t fit for purpose.

theres no way, this would get past our release process


You could try changing the way you search…

“Cloud Water NW” returns the results you want. So does a misspelling like “Clodwater NW.”


10 years of use. that’s a long time to have built habits that are hard to break

plus its not all about my use. its often driven by what I can read off a scrawled board.

but im all for improvement. but improvement isn’t stopping something that used to work. if your breaking something that users have done for years. thats a Massivly a poor change.

don’t care if its 1 second faster. if it says a beer doesn’t exist, that it used to show. thats totally Fucked up


So do more than one search. You know how the searching works now, so change the way you search. In a week you’ll be used to it.

I think on the whole, this is an improvement.


Friends, we’re watching the forums and the data coming in to make tweaks, as you can see from the posts here. Thanks for letting us know.

@cgarvieuk what exactly is the beer(s) that you’ve searched for and are getting zero results that used to work?

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Yep, thanks @blipp I’ve been using it and I’ve made a couple relearning “mistakes” in the past couple of weeks. We’ve made it easier to modify your search as well. I like this feature quite a bit.

I searched Moor Empire and got back results with Empire but no Moor.

Could you show the style and/or ABV as well as the score. Useful for identifying beers quickly.


@joet Any plans to update the search function so it differentiates between beers we’ve rated and not rated?


Thanks for the feedback and sorry I missed this in the final review. I know this is important to most who rate. We are making a lot of modifications right now. Keep the requests coming.

My prob is if it says no results. That says there’s no refining to be done.i could trust if i knew i had spelt the bits of words correctly and got no results that it wasn’t there.

Now it might be good at spelling mistakes but short of correctly spelling every word which isn’t always possible. I don’t know and can’t trust. That i know it doesn’t exist

Before i webt from lots of results refining down to the target beer. Now i can start at zero. Refining upwards. Its no longer possible to be sure a beer actually exists

I tend to get more results than before based on spelling variations of beers I spell right. Can you give me an example?

The cloud wat one above is one example.

Why is it saying “Log In” top right (on my phone) when it displays the search results? I was/am already logged in.

Its probably as you warned. Splitting brewery names

But your right looking again. Its kit thst I always get zero. Results. Its the random alphabet.

If im looking for a C brewer and my results start V then im confused.
Also now seeing results for one’s that gave none. (which for me is massive improvement)

But 10years of splitting brewery names
Clo wat (CloudWater)
Bea tow (beaver Town)
Haw head (Hawkshead)
Dr gat (drygate)
Cam van (Campervan)

All struggle to find thingd they did before

I thought if anyone would be happy with a search function that fixes spelling mistakes it would be @cgarvieuk !!