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New stat in proges

Who has most ratings if each country only can count for 100 ratings?
Top 30 raters numbers will come soon. There could be some surprises…

You dropped me by 1/5 down to 1,035 under this rule

I will be surprised if I see any Americans on that list other than travlr.

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And here is the counts of the highest 19 (total) raters (+1).

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If I’ve got it right, I should have 1183 ticks left, am I wrong?

Yeah and according to my calculation, I should be 2,040.

Got mine at 2341 but might have done something wrong. Will recalculate later when I’m not on my phone.

So if I have 10 countries with over 100 rates that = 1,000 rather than the huge total? (which I have).

I then count all the other countries rates as normal? (1,089)

Comes to 2,089 according to my calculations.


Higher position than regular. Yay :slight_smile:

Cool :sunglasses:

I figure Travlr will be tough to beat if doing the same stat for US states…

Think he would be at 5100 then. So you can tie him.

1,247 here

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