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New style: Fruit Wine

Surprised to see this as a Beer Style rather than in the “Cider/Mead/Sake Styles“ group…

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Me also. And much as I like having any new style to aim at, I was hoping more for a “Ciders with added stuff” style than for fruit wine (unless we’re meant to put cider with rhubarb etc under fruit wine, which really doesn’t feel right?).

this is not a done deal yet - the reason it’s been added was due to a bug and @fiulijn playing around with it, and we’re keeping it in the database for now until we have figured out if we want to keep it.

this thread here has already started a discussion, maybe we want to continue it here for the general public:

I am all for it, for the reason that most fruit wine producers are meaderies and cideries and it fits the “fermented beverages which are not covered elsewhere” scope - whereas grape wine does not.


There is a discussion that is in advanced state to split ciders and meads.
I think it will happen, so just be patient…


Yay! :beers:


So we’ll be rating Wine on ratebeer now? This we need?

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You have already rated Barley Wines, Wheat Wines.
Depending on jurisdiction and language, cider is called apple wine, perry is called pear wine, mead is called honey wine.
That’s just semantic.

If you mean (grape) wine, it was clearly stated since the inception of RB that it’s out of scope.

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So, no grain involved? Need to find one just to get my styles filled out again. Made plenty of fruit wines back in the day. Not sure how they are even close to beer but that’s not for me to decide. Of course I feel the same way about cider, perry and mead.

They may be easy to come by at orchards or cideries.
By the way, you already see the “style” popping up here and there, but it’s still under discussion, no need to rush…

I see it’s gone again.

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Having seen the new style appear, I actually went out and bought a lychee fruit wine today and was going to add it - and now the style has been taken off! What a waste of time!!

have patience, take tasting notes in the meantime and keep them just in case.

I’ve just added it as a cider, as had already typed it all in

Can’t see the need in this. Am I missing something?


Yes. A beer. A proper beer.

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Neither did I… but then I found one and the new style promptly dissappeared!

Isn’t a grape, fruit ? I think we need a wall.

The wall is excluding (grape) wines.
Those are sufficiently covered elsewhere.

Apples and pears are already allowed.
Any other fruit was in a gray area so far (not included yet, but not explicitly excluded).

Can see the idea with fruit wines, but think the gun has been jumped and don’t see it coming back now

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