New style: Fruit Wine

Can’t see the need in this. Am I missing something?


Yes. A beer. A proper beer.

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Neither did I… but then I found one and the new style promptly dissappeared!

Isn’t a grape, fruit ? I think we need a wall.

The wall is excluding (grape) wines.
Those are sufficiently covered elsewhere.

Apples and pears are already allowed.
Any other fruit was in a gray area so far (not included yet, but not explicitly excluded).

Can see the idea with fruit wines, but think the gun has been jumped and don’t see it coming back now

Damn, could have ticked a ton of them @ this fruit fair I held a beer-related lecture at a year ago. :smiley:

this could also throw a curve ball for those that tick new countries…hmm

I can’t wait for the influx of hundreds of American “wineries” that pump out countless variations of fruit wine garbage juice for sale at farmers markets. That is what the site was missing. A few thousand of those with 1 rating each and no supplemental data.



fruit wine?


More like fruit, whine.

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Still surprised this didn’t make it through the polls… there’s plenty of interesting products here in Quebec, Canada and there’s no website that I’m aware of that cover this kind of product…

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I actually still think this should be included…

There was some interest from the “leaders”, but it has not been fully integrated yet, a bit of lack of coordination in the last 6 months…
Send me details and I’ll add them, then you can rate them. Or add them as cider and let me know, I’ll switch them.

So that means we can see for example Frederiksdal cherry wines in the future then?

Last I checked fruit wine was not among the new styles and hence is still not allowed by RB rules.

Please no.


Yesssss! Can’t wait to add my rate.

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At least in Estonia there is serious rise of craft fruit wines as part of the general craft drinks movement. If ciders, perries and meads with fruits (that are basically fruit wines with honey) are allowed, I don’t see a reason why fruit wines shouldn’t be.

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omg, I’ve never tries such a wine
Hope it’s delicious