New style list poll - add kvass

Inspired by the discussion about a new style list input is needed on topics.

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Pros - distinct method of brewing makes it difficult to place elsewhere - currently split 50/50 between traditional ale and low alcohol

Cons - not the most populous style

Could be a combined style with similar brews from the Nordics, like the Sahti one.

There is enough examples of each to list separately plus quite diffferent.

Sorry, I didn’t mean combining Kvass and Sahti. I was referring to how Sahti is combined with the Swedish and Estonian brew (the names of which escape me). I.e. is Kalja is Finland similar to Kvass?

One of Joe’s guidelines for these changes is that he wants things to be available in the add beer menu that people would be looking for, even if they are folded together on the site. At the moment the style is Kvass but Gira would be in the add beer list and anything added under that would be defaulted to Kvass everywhere after the add beer page. I know very little about Kvass, so feel free to list other European styles that are very similar (or tell us if we’re wrong) and we can update the list.

Similiar or the same as kvass = gira (Lithuania), dzira (Latvia), kali (Estonia), kalja (Finland)

And hvidtøl

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People have been throwing around all of these words but they all mean the same in different languages. Differences can obviously exists but there is no clear-cut differences across countries to justify splitting them.

Nobody is suggesting splitting them.


I saw them mentioned separately a few times in the early Excel drafts.

That was only ever for inclusion on the add beer list, they would all still be one style everywhere else on the site.