New style list poll - split out sours

Inspired by the discussion about a new style list input is needed on topics.

Proposals are to split Gose, Berliner Weisse and Sour / Wild Ale out with an extra ‘flavoured’ category for each. Flavoured in this case primarily means fruited but would also be for other extras.

  • Yes
  • Yes but only for fruit
  • Yes but not all of them
  • Yes but just create one flavoured sour style that fits all three
  • No

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I’m surprised that people are in favour of splitting these (regular/flavoured) but not in the case of the witbier…

Is this a traditional reason? Or maybe it’s only because I’m from a region where fruited witbiers are more frequent than non-fruited witbiers and that may be not the case elsewhere.

Where do we put wild lagers? I tend to classify them in wild/sour.

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Wild/sour beer might be more suited…

So we should change “ale” to “beer”

Probably, Sour/wild is currently global style where everything non-traditional sour or with brett is put in.

This is definitely not the case everywhere.