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New style - Pale Ale - Hazy / New England


Actually, nah, it’s here.

26 so far for me, fairly sure a buncha stuff will have to be recategorized to this.

Just to note - this is not for all Pale Ales that just happen to be hazy, but for modern pale ales, of the juicy, NE, whatever kind, be they outright New England or kinda, but not quite.



Wait, does this mean the death of the random Pale Ale category?

Ah shit, alas no.

If people have obvious cases that need to be transferred, and by obvious I mean the description or name says it, feel free to give a list with links in this thread and I can change them.

If you have ones where I would need to do research, do not do that (please either put them in the beers issue reporting thread or submit a bug report).


Now it will be used for what it was meant to be used. Yaaay!

Or not yay.

Meh usually.


I’ll probably send some lists after I’m finished delegating Brazilian places to states

Finally a style I appear in the top raters for!
In all seriousness the style might be quite UK heavy at the moment, it’s common here and I made an effort to tag all the examples I knew of (hundreds) from breweries I follow. I imagine there’s a hell of a lot of literal NE Pale Ales in the US that were never tagged and therefore weren’t automatically moved over. I’m happy to help explosivedog fix any obvious ones that need changing since I was one of the people pushing for this to be added.

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