New Styles - UK Perspective

So how do these impact UK raters - at least the ones who don’t travel to the US a lot?

It’s the Dark Lager - Hoppy that I don’t believe I’ve ever come across.

And not sure how many Gruits I’ll add to my current one tick.

When it comes to adding some APAs and IPAs I may just roll a dice as they are so interchangeable. Especially when it’s a slightly hoppy gold from a UK brewery. SIPA, Gold, ESB, IPA - English? Where can I apply for my style guide booklet?

Am glad to see ‘IPA - English’ put as a separate style, as never made sense putting them as ESBs, and I’m not even English!

I will openly admit that I am far less experienced than most of the UK contingent here, but regardless of how popular (or not) some of the new styles are over here I’ve no objections to any of those that have been added so far and am quite happy with what we have now.

Dark Lager - Hoppy… basically an IPL that’s dark. I’ve only come across one UK example:
but agree it seems a very rare style and one which I’m surprised got added, even the tag doesn’t show up many occurrences.

As for a “slightly hoppy gold” if they’re calling it a golden then I’m adding it as a golden, or whatever style they’re saying it is. If no style given I’ll just guess based on their existing beers (it’s probably a golden though isn’t it).

IPA - English - yep, very happy to see this. Shit like GK IPA can go there and I know then it’s one to swerve. Can barely taste the hops in it but they market it as an IPA so it always seemed weird classing it as an ESB.

IPA - English isn’t for stuff like GK IPA, as I said I’m not even English and it would be sad to see if even english raters have no idea about the style, but are swerved by need to have the American/New World hops in IPAs and can’t seen beyond that in an IPA

So what are some examples of beers that should be in that style? For me, GK IPA is a prime example of what I think of when someone mentions an English IPA. I may be alone on Ratebeer with this mindset but I know the style is used this way on Untappd and other beer circles I’m in. I’ve not considered any other way in all honesty. But then I’ve only been drinking beer for 4-5 years so this is the only way I’ve seen the term used.

Genuinely wondering how it’s even defined though. I assume it’s not simply the use of English hops, right? Because there’s a couple of “new world” “NEIPAs” that used English grown hops, Verdant did one last year that was ace, dubbed a “New English IPA”.

That said, I never drink them so it’s not something I’m ever going to encounter here personally.

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The problem with going with brewer’s descriptions is that certain brewers will put on any old shit. Bitter will become one of the rarest styles as so many are now labelled as Pale or Amber Ales.

Just use google and look at English IPA:

ABV range: 5% – 7.5%

IBU range: 40 – 60

Color: Deep amber, Golden

Malt: Biscuit, Crystal, British pale ale

Yeast: Ale

Classic examples being:
Worthington White Shield IPA, Fullers Bengal Lancer IPA

GK IPA is only 3.6% and is just a watered down bitter, which is why it’s classed as a Bitter - Ordinary / Best on ratebeer

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Fair enough I’d actually forgotten GK was that low ABV, only had it the once, obviously.

It’s actually a good example of what happens when you allow anyone to classify anything as they like - on untappd GK IPA is classed as a “English- IPA” which is why I completely ignore the styles on untappd

Well yes but I think in general they’re fine.
GK is one of those which I now understand is technically wrong but can see how it would be confusing if it were classified as a Bitter when most people drinking it (who most likely aren’t as into beer as people like us) are seeing it very clearly labeled as an IPA by the brewery - who are obviously correct and would never mislabel their own beer :roll_eyes:

For what it’s worth it’s been changed on UT a shitload of times back and forth in the past, it got locked for edits in the end.

Well, yes there is the “cider - perry” category on untappd, I suppose that goes into the confused category?

Ugh… yeah. It’s dumb I know. Originally it was just “Perry” like it should be, but people kept adding them as ciders because they were too lazy to scroll down to see if Perry existed, which it always did. Therefore the decision was taken to rename to Cider - Perry so it would be seen more easily by people who struggle with the alphabet…

I’m away at present with only limited wifi access so I will compose a fuller reply when I am back up and running. However as a UK group it is good that we should discuss how the new styles will fit in with us.
Personally I would like to keep the IPA - English style fairly restricted. UK sourced hops, yeasts and malts aimed at a traditional IPA, so the ABV’s would be important to this. But that is just me.
We still habe Golden / Blonde as a category where a huge amount of our blandish beers can go, there is also the new Pale Ale which can be a catch all where we don’t know too much about the beer but it is obviously different to Golden.
With this new glut of styles, maybe we can start to do something with Pale Ale English perhaps, but keep it fairly exclusive.
I’m open to all suggestions.

I think of White Shield when I think of ‘English style’ IPA.

Which has now been updated to that style. Had it about 4 years ago. Will have to pick up a bottle again.

But so has Harvey’s 3.2% IPA…

As a follow up discussion to the English IPA style just for shits and giggles. What do people think about modern hop-forward IPAs/Pale Ales which are akin to a NEIPA but using all English ingredients? Would we ever want to include these in the IPA - English / Pale Ale - English categories or absolutely not and just keep for traditional ones only?

An example: Mobberley Charles Faram Roll With It.
They dubbed it a “New English IPA” as it was in the NEIPA style but exclusively used UK hops and malts. Looks like they didn’t disclose the yeast used - I suppose it could have been an American strain, but for the sake of this discussion let’s assume it was English.

So this fits the bill of being an IPA and exclusively using English ingredients, therefore an “IPA - English”. Of course, none of us would add it as such, would we? Because of the haze. It’s non-traditional. So it goes in the IPA - Hazy / NEIPA category instead. End of discussion? Or is there a case for actually using the English IPA category for non-traditional beers like this one too?

I think the options are open for any suggestions, hopefully we don’t have to stick to traditional style characteristics totally as we would be limiting ourselves a little unnecessarily maybe. If the Brewer has deliberately gone for UK ingredients then I am certainly not against including it personally, traditional or not, hazy or not, but I would like to get some consensus between us all as we go forward.

I see that Proper Job has now been reclassified as a Bitter, having gone from an ESB to IPA - English.

I have never chased styles, preferring Bitter as I am a traditional British beer drinker at heart.

However I will just add any new beer I find in whatever style it seems to fit into according to my senses and mood.

I am also surprised that with all the travelling I do that I have only 116 different styles in the new system, having had them all originally, didn’t realise I had missed so much, or maybe my total will increase as more beers get recatorised by the Admins?


Remember most beers have not been updated yet as Joe is going to run them automatically so most Admins have stopped changing styles.

I was going for 10 of each style but won’t bother now. Especially as there’s some styles which seem pretty pointless/not particularly widespread.