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New styles - when and what stats?


FT: $50 box of locals + misc. glassware ISO: Ownership


I’ll toss in some hote golde pump clips from the shires.


As long as we have sign off, then it’s good for me. I had not seen sign off from the admins and was watching late observers and edits recently on the doc itself.

Excuse my absence! Now that we have a crew capable of spotting and dealing with outages, I’ve felt much better about taking an actual holiday with family.

About the changes themselves… it’s very late game to drop them in now and expect a rush of admin changes to better allotted styles to work out fine for RateBeer Best. I’d be much more comfortable implementing the style changes after RateBeer Best lists are solidified, even if that’s before the actual announcement.

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Many thanks for the response @joet - so we can expect the new styles to go live this February then?

I think it would help to keep some users with the site if they knew that user-requested site improvements were definitely coming at a set date…


The work on the styles doc is truly excellent.

Yes, we can count on an implementation in February. Changes to the beer page may be slightly delayed. I’ll be picking up fixes to profile and elsewhere around the site as needed. I’ll do as much debugging as possible on QA.

This will be top order of business for me after RateBeer Best.

Thanks for all your help with this major project! It’s looking great!