New styles whining and bitching (grouping of posts from different New styles topics) Some out of sync

NOTE: I did not start this thread. This thread was created as an amalgamation of “whining and bitching” posts from other style threads, this post of mine just happens to be the first one here. Personally I am all for the new styles and my replies were mainly in defense of them.

I know this guy is trolling in that thread but I went on Google translate out of curiosity. He basically said “pale lager with corn”… so your typical American adjunct lager then, hardly something unusual. Had a look at his profile and he’s had over 150 beers in the “Pale Lager - NthAm Light/Adjunct” style, so he knows damn well where that beer would go.


I’ve also had a look on your profile and you have never tasted these Hungarian industrial lagers - and still, you could decide which style I was writing about…isn’t it ridiculous? you are creating plenty of new styles based on the quite narrow experience of beers in traditional styles - and then you just decide about beers’ style you have never tasted; if you had had the chance of tasting plenty of Hungarian macro lagers then we would now have 5-10 new pale lager styles… :))))

Wtf are you on about? I’m not creating the styles. I’m not even an admin. Ratebeer’s admins choices regarding styles are based on what breweries are actually making. In fact all three of the big beer rating websites, Ratebeer, Untappd and BeerAdvocate, are adapting to reflect what is available on the market and popular trends, and updating their databases to match what is expected from consumers rating those beers.

Maybe Google Translate got it wrong (it was rather unhelpful of you to leave that part of your message untranslated btw), but to me it was pretty clear you were describing a lager which used corn (or some variation/part of it) as an adjunct. This neatly fits into the adjunct lager style, which is somewhat awkwardly named here, yet nonetheless is fitting. I think most people here would be happy to agree with that categorisation of it.

No one is calling to add a new style for literally every possible adjunct, and you’re being ridiculous to even suggest that’s what’s going on here. I’m not familiar with the Hungarian lager market but from what you’re implying it sounds like there’s a lot of lagers being made with non-standard fermentables, in most cases adjunct lager is the proper style for those. What exactly is your problem with that? You’ve obviously rated enough beers to know about this sort of stuff and I feel like you’re being difficult just for the sake of it now.


Styles are constantly changing so I wouldn’t be too worried aboot what we have now. Shrugs.

most of the breweries are actually not making those kind of styles you are currently defining on rb - they are just brewing beers; I’m happy to see that al least you are happy to see new styles who is not an admin - enjoy the new styles creadted for you and those who are thinking like you - myself remains to enjoy beers themselves :slight_smile:

are really styles changing constantly? for sure isn’t it the people who make distictions anmong them?

Thanks, I will. Remember, just because brewers in your region aren’t making them, doesn’t mean brewers elsewhere aren’t.

I know, comparing oranges to apples but look at the BJCP.

Adding everything as just “Pale Ale” from now on because @lore and I live in a post-style world. Y’all can keep your Hazy IPAs, nerds.


Let’s just go back in time an classify beers by color. The White beer, the Blond beer, the Amber beer, the Brown beer and the Black beer.


What about the red beer?

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you are very welcome! be happy with you new styles - and please try to understand my viewpoint: it’s not about brewers in my region (anyway, it’s not that obvious that brewers in YOUR region are so open for new styles…), it’s just about beer consumers’ willingness to accept the new styles - and this is the point where you should be a bit more open to see the world outside of the ivory tower of RB forum users.

I don’t get your point…Why would the people not accept the new styles? If brewer’s from everywhere around the planet choose to name an IPA brewed with lactose a Milkshake IPA, or a Blonde Ale brewed with Coffee a White Stout, why would people argue with it?

In the end what does it change that it’s listed as a new style? The beer itself will have a score for itself so you can compare it to every other beers, no matter the style, or you can compare it to other beers that are “really” similar to it.

The only negative of having new styles is when someone enters a new beer, it needs more thinking and more scrolling in a bigger list (which should even be easier in fact because if a beer is listed as a Milkshake IPA and you type “Milkshake”, now you will find the exact style you are looking for, and as the brewer listed the beer…)

The issue seems to be that Lore is not who RB is aimed at and he doesn’t realise that. Or someone needs to set up a Rate Pilsner and competing Rate Bitter , and so on, to keep him happy.

As it is Lore is out of touch with the UK. Pretty much every oldschool brewery is restyling their Golden Ale as a Session IPA and adding a reference to Craft on their packaging. Ascot in Surrey just produced their first Mango Milkshake IPA.

Why do you think they don’t accept them? I’ve even heard people who are probably quite new to craft beer specifically ask if a brewer has “any milkshake beers?” or “do you have any beers with fruit in?”, they may not know specific style names at all, but they certainly accept them, and they will look for them. Generally, these people aren’t even using beer rating websites, but in any case I don’t see why consumer acceptance would be an issue here. Brewers and how they market and label their beers are what’s driving style changes and naming, as Viper666 points out above.

But you’re the one arguing against the styles. Aside from actual bars, taprooms and festivals, you can simply look at other beer sites, hell even social media… look at Twitter, look at Instagram, look at Facebook groups. The latter all have plenty of people who don’t care so much about rating beers, and some of these “newer” styles are all the rage with them right now, just like NEIPAs have been, and with both veteran and newbie beer drinkers alike. Not everybody likes them of course, but this isn’t the point. The point is this already goes way beyond RB, such that some have become social media trends. Some even have nicknames already (pastry stout) commonly used in real life as much as it is online.

The styles are all here to stay whether you like it or not. You can’t argue with thousands of brewers.

first: you will have much more errors in your database re beer styles
second: if you just generate new styles continuously, from now on, there are no screwer up beers - those are just beers brewed in a new styne not yet defined - please be prepared for beers like imperial black gueuze instead of a screwed-up, infected imp stouts
third: if new styles have that less relevance in your opinion, why the hell was it so important to define new styles?

“The styles are all here to stay whether you like it or not. You can’t argue with thousands of brewers”
are those really new styles or just screwed up beers originally brewed by brewers with enough fantansy to assign a bad beer to a beer style stem from their fantasy?

We don’t add a style because there’s a brewer somewhere that created an Imperial Black Gueuze… we add styles based on the fact that’s a recurring style name/description (with at least 400-500 known examples) and which passed through a vote amongst the admins of the website.

Once the style is spreading in the community, we better stick to it and add it… or else, the site will be considered as a dinosaur instead, a site stuck with styles and design dating from 2005 or so (oh wait… :slight_smile: )

do you really think that this is why rb is considered to be a dinosaur by users?!? just because of the lack of 1000 new imaginary beer styles?

Yes. If there’s enough difference to the base style that brewers around the world have chosen to actively market their beers this way, RB should take note and add it, for the reason Viper666 said.

No. If you don’t like them that’s fine, and you can reflect this in your ratings. But it doesn’t necessarily mean they are “screwed up” beers. Adding adjuncts to beers and brewers having an imagination and some fantasy doesn’t automatically make them bad. Lighten up a bit, let people enjoy what they like.

Lol. Please explain how they are imaginary and don’t exist. Now you’re resorting to exaggeration to get your points across.