New to brew community needing some helping brewing some xxxx golds

Hey everyone I’m new to this community and brewing in general just really wanting to get into brewing beers for my mates and couldn’t think of a better beer to start with than a XXXX gold the best beer in the world hands down. Was just putting it out for any tips or tricks that could help. XXXX best tasting beer. Change my mind???

You should try first the Triple Salty Mango Lassi Simcoe DDH Black India Pale Lager aged in Ferrero Rocher infused Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon (edition 2015) by NemoNamelos Brewery Inc. from Fucking (Austria).

After that, no other beer deserves to be drank, not even the XXXX


And some more words so that the forum software lets me post this.

  1. Fill up your carboy with a whole heap of piss.
  2. Leave open to the air for inoculation by resident Tuggeranong yeast strains.
  3. Once fermentation is complete, you can nip a few empty stubbies from your bin, and fill em right up.
  4. Chill and enjoy with your mates!
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I had a can shipped from Australia. It was awful. I would have preferred the regular XXXX but it wasn’t an option.