New to the Forum - A few Questions - Banned From Beer Advocate

Hi, I just started getting into the beer review scene and decided to sign up for last week and try to promote my YouTube channel.

Well, I was immediately banned for my first post which I introduced my self and posted a link to my channel.

It was my thinking that I would be welcomed with open arms for my beer reviews that could help enrich the community but it seems I was mistaken.

Is it ok for me to post links to my channel on this site? Just wanted to share my thoughts on the beers I tried and see if anyone is interested in what I have to say. Anyone else have this type of experience at Very strange, not sure why they treated me that way. Love the site but the admins seem to be trigger happy with the bans.

So what’s your channel link?

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Thanks for asking. Appreciate it :slight_smile:


I suspect this is not the thing to do, but hopefully we can get a ruling on it.

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Joining a forum just to promote yourself has been frowned upon on the internet for like a decade.


Ouch. Really just want to share my hobbies with folks with similar interest and getting views helps out as well. Perhaps I worded the original post incorrectly. I don’t understand the negativity. I’m not joining a random forum. I’m joining one with similar interest where folks may find the topic interesting. Isn’t that the whole point of a forum? To spread and share information?

What you’ve done doesn’t bode well with the readers.
But I’ve subscribed & I’ll watch a few of your upcoming videos.
A bit cheeky!

Suspect this post will get removed!

Appreciate the reply and your honesty. Always open to constructive criticism. I will take this as a lesson. Hat’s off to the folks being nice.Thank you for being cool.

Enter your beer reviews on RB, and mention RB in some of your videos, and that would be a quid pro quo. Enter new local beers, and submit corrections - basically, contribute. It’s more the one-way thing that causes narkedness.


What is RB? Oh wait, duh lol. I would be more than happy to do that :slight_smile:

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Yeah, but you’re not joining to participate and spread and share information, you’re joining to promote your Youtube channel. There are hundreds of beer-related content creators on various platforms… why would we care about some random guy that we don’t know doing video beer reviews? That shit is a dime a dozen.

If one of the regulars here posted something like that I’d be interested, but you’re just a guy that showed up to promote himself and will never come back or contribute to this website at all.


Hey buddy, that’s a wild assumption. Why take a stance like that on a total stranger. I would love nothing more than to be your friend. I’m sure we have a lot of common. Give me a chance.

Sure. Go rate some beers. Respond to a thread that isn’t yours. Actually contribute in a way that isn’t self promotion. I’ll be your friend.

Here’s a good start – go toss a pic in this thread What ya drinkin' part XXI


For sure, just trying to stick my toe in the water brother. Take it easy on me huh.

I will take your suggestion and do just that.

I wish you the very best.