New top 10 beer!

Every day in my friends feed on RB more and more folks are rating new top 10 beers … where am I going wrong in pursuit of this greatness ???

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Stop drinking Goldes?

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or they just accidentally hit the rating bar, scoring 4.6-5.0…


The parameters to get into the Top 10 by style are much more lax than than the overall Top 50.

I suspect it’s easy to manipulate or drive a beer into the top 10 of a style in one tasting.

Doesn’t that mean that it’s one of their top 10 ever beers? If so, the accidental tick @sinh4 suggests is almost certainly the explanation.

yes, the news “friend X has a new Top 10 beer” is about their Top10 ever beers.

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I have accidentally rated like 10 beers in the last month or so, half of them at 0,5-0,6 and some at 4,6-5,0. The slider for ticking is completely useless for me as a non-ticker. For me, that “feature” is one of the worst so far since the takeover.


I am a ticker and I like the granularity but have accidentally slid a number 4.7-5 scores as I’ve scrolled past. It just needs a little redesign

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Its people ticking beers for rating later, isnt it?

Well you’re just a good ol ’ miserable rater unable to use whole score range. You’ve set your upper score boundary at around 4.1-4.2

I did an excel a while ago for some users, couple of minutes work to put your stats in*

*other users stats weren’t updated since Dec 2017


I use the left finger, so more likely to hit “fiulijn has a new bottom 10” beer than a top score!

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I don’t get the percentages in this sheet. Can you tell me a bit more about them? I’m always interested in calculating new stats!

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For example

rated 4.5+ = number of beers you’ve rated 4,5+
pct total = (number of beers you’ve rated 4,5+/number of your total ratings)*100
pct avg 4+ = (number of beers you’ve rated 4.5+/number of beers you’ve tried with avg score 4+)*100

Interesting read thanks.

I did give out a 4.3, a 4.4 and a 4.5 to a few 3 sons beers at MBCC recently … some still in backlog though.

And with 4,5+ you mean including 4,5 scores or only the 4,6 up to 5?

So for me this would be (backlog not counted):
4,5 and higher: 131
131/17390 * 100= 0.7533
131/418 * 100= 31.34

4.6 and higher: 54
54/17390 * 100= 0.3105
54/418 * 100= 8.13

Not sure what this says about me though. Am I generally negative or positive?

I’m including the 4,5 in 4,5+.

I don’t think there’s really negative or positive here, this excel just compares your score to those of people included. I am fond of using the whole scale and giving better scores to good beers and lower scores to bad beers. I don’t like when all the beers are leaning to absolute average (whatever that is). Actually that’s one thing I like about untappd scores - the beers get hyped there.

Anyway here is the excel with your stats

So you’re stats seems quite similar to mine, your threshold is above 4.5. What I find interesting is that your difference between avg given and avg rated is -0,08.

If all I had to drink was English beers I probably wouldn’t rate anything very high either!


Hmm I seem to be lower than most, yes.

Yeah, but this stat takes in account avg rates of the beers you drank. So if Theydon_Bois had 508 4+ beers and rated only 24 of them 4.5+ (which is 4,72%) that’s rather low.

I use ALMOST all of the scale. Up to 4.8. For me a 5.0 means I can’t even imagine a beer being better, and a 4.9 has to be mind-blowing consistently/more than once, but I’m not so stingy that I stop at 4-4.2. These days it seems like I drink a LOT of beers in the 3.9-4.3 range, then each tenth above 4.4 gets harder and harder to hit.
4.4+ is 3.5% or 501.
I’m pretty stingy at 4.5+ (1.4% of my total, or 202/14278). 4.6+ (65) is 1 out of every 220, 4.7+ (20, only 1/1200 so far this year) is 1 out of every 714, and 4.8 (3) is 1/4759.

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