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New USACM Cider lexicon

The USACM has a new Cider Style Guide out for comments


Intertesting to see a simplification of the style guide, to something not too different from the updated cider styles in ratebeer, except for having Fruit rather than Flavoured, Botanicals style rather than solely Hopped, and Dessert cider rather than Fire/Ice/Fortified.

There is also a ‘Cider experience template’ which isn’t too dissimilar to what I would cover in my ratings on taste & mouthfeel type aspects, whereas in my ratings I would also include notes on appearance (colour, any head) and aroma


Interesting read.

Main difference seems to be that RB only treats hops as a seperate thing from Flavoured while USACM considers everything that isn’t fruit to be in the same category.

That and that they have hard liquor made from apples as well. Seeing how three out of four examples in the Dessert category are hard liquors I think the naming here is fine.


Yeah pretty similar to what we have here now.

I would have preferred a way to separate low Alcohol carbonated ciders (the trendy canned cider) from the flat higher alcohol ciders… But at least, last year was a good beginning


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