New users. Introduce yourself

Have any new user joined this site in the last 12 months and are actually rating beer?

Please speak up because the old dinosaurs are looking for new people to drink beer with.
Don’t be afraid to say “What up!”

Chris and the New England Crew


Seconded! Lurkers and new users please czech in!

it took me a while back then to make it into the forums.

I believe I was already at more than 1000 ticks when I started talking here.

This guy joined a bit more than 12 months ago, but has become quite active. I’m sure there must be more.


Same thing with me. Joined back in May 2015, didn’t visit the forums until April 2017 and that was only so I could get in the mobile app beta. Wasn’t until August 2017 that I actually started posting in the forums (and pretty much only in the UK forum as I was mostly using it to report corrections while RB was totally fucked) and by that time was at or very near 1000.

There was a thread back on the old forums that was discussing these new forums while they were back in testing. In there I gave reasons why I didn’t bother posting much on those old forums, mostly because I always saw topics where people would blank post or post in-jokes that I didn’t understand. Posting serious responses in some threads seemed to be ignored. But, I said I’d make an effort to post a lot more on the new forums, and I think I’ve kept my word so far as I see I’m one of the top posters here now :confused:
Anyway I think outside of OTL we say far less blank posts and in joke posts than the old forums so I’d say in general these are a big improvement and are much more welcoming to new users. Yet I still feel like I’m mostly seeing the same usernames everywhere… would love to see more new people here.


Blank post


Set myself up for that one didn’t I lol :roll_eyes:

Anyway I’ll pretend I’'m new and introduce myself. My name is Chris (like most people here it seems), I’m from England (the real one, not your fancy New one). Only really got interested in beer in 2015 when randomly deciding to try all the different beers available in my local supermarket. This led me to Ratebeer so I could keep track of everything and from there I got obsessed with trying as much craft beer as possible. I just love drinking beer now.
Majority of my rates are bottles/cans at home as I don’t go out or travel much. Favourite styles are IPAs and Imperial Stouts, but I’ll drink pretty much any style. With an average rating given of 3.53 I think I’m one of the most generous raters on the site, that or I need to rate more piss.


Maybe reintroductions are the way to go.


I have never posted before, but have been rating for 11 years. Hi everybody.



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Hi guys, I’m the newest member of the crew. For my background, I’m a Web Designer at Petstreetmall which is an online store that sells pet supplies. My hobbies are playing computer games, watching sci-fi movies, and reading books. And I love drinking beer everyday! I do hope to get along with everyone.


I agree.
My name is Chris. Been on RB for over 7 years, drink too much beer, and spend too much money on said beer.

I live in New Hampshire and drink as much local beer as I can possibly can while still standing upright.


new here and a virgin bar owner from Wisconsin, miller lite until recently. It took 2 years for myself to serve wings, a huge bar food in the states. Now on Sunday’s , the past three weeks I have offered 40 craft beers. Saying that I could not answer a question would be correct on any beer I brought in. Time for me to start reading and drinking a few beers. Round one for me starts now.


Not new to the site but have rarely posted in the forums. Cheers everyone!


What bar and where? I, a Minnesotan, get to various parts of Wisconsin pretty frequently and wouldn’t mind paying your establishment a visit if convenient.

Hello from Wales! I got a Beer Hawk selection box for Christmas that had the ‘12 best rated beers from’ in it, got me curious to make an account. It arrived very late, but all the ones I’ve tried have been excellent so far. :beers:

I’m finding the rating assistance very helpful. I’ve had accounts on other beer rating apps for the last couple of years, but really struggled to describe what I’m tasting and why I like it. Wish I’d made an account sooner, it’s not really possible to fairly rate stuff I had years ago.


Welcome! And…rate the beers you had anyways. You don’t have to be the Stephen Hawking of beer reviewers to contribute in a meaningful way.

Hello and don’t use Beerhawk. They are the worst online beer shop ever in the whole world. “Next day delivery” means “sometime in the next month if you phone us a dozen times and slag us off on social media. We will then send you some of the beers you ordered and others that are out of date or you don’t want.”

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Yep, if they fuck up your order pretty much the only way to resolve the issue is by publicly complaining on social media. They’ve even dropped the third party reviews site they used to use and have started with an alternative one to try to hide all the previous bad reviews.

The main thing is they are owned by ABInBev are as such are heavily boycotted within craft beer circles in the UK. Check my bottleshop threads in the UK forum for some great alternatives.

Anyway, bit of a negative welcome from us but it needs to be said! Companies like Beer Hawk aim to put all our amazing independent beer shops out of business by controlling the supply chain and buying up exclusives, so they’re not seen in a good light. Plenty of Ratebeerians love them because they only care about ticks and not principals, so it depends on your opinion and attitude about it, feel free to continue using them if you’re ok with all that! Welcome to the forums and enjoy your stay here (don’t worry we’re not always negative) :slight_smile:

Also Bill is right, it’s ok to rate beers you had years ago. I did that when I first joined. I’ve since rerated some but there are others which I had years before joining. Granted most are shitty lagers so it’s not like there is much to talk about but still.