New version of the app

Downloaded the new version of the Ratebeer app today.

I like that the ability has been added to search for places and see nearby places.

However, I would suggest that closed places are removed from the search. Defeats the object of having a “places near me” function is the places are closed. Also, it’s pretty annoying for the users and admins who make a lot of effort to ensure that the database of places in their cities are kept up to date.

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Why do i still first have to give the beer a score before i can rate the beer ? (iOS)


That too. I guess I won’t be using the app to rate until this is fixed.

yeah. Its absolutly frustrating

But its offline thats Really stoping me from moving


Might have to do with the fact that they are listed that way but not removed from the database in general. I’d rather have them show up in the app, albeit with a “closed” advert, than disappear with all the legacy ratings forever…

Good point. No indication whatsoever that a place is closed at the moment.

Another problem in the app is that places are only given a score out of 5, so there’s no way of knowing what someone liked about a place, unless they have actually taken the time to write about the it (beer selection, service, food, etc.) instead of just giving it a score.

The beers were like that in the beginning too, probably just putting a simple version out first as they roll out the development

Still no way to add a picture though. That should be an automatic option just like the barcode scanner

Yeah, I truly hope (and do believe) that’s a placeholder thing. They actually found a way to make textless place ratings even more useless. :smiley:

It’s a move in the right direction. :slight_smile:

A few days ago I tried to add a photo via the new beer page and got an email saying that the mailbox is full. That should be sorted out first I think.

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