New Years Eve Beer Chats!

Come join Ratebeer people from all over the world. Just click the link and share some beers for the New Year!!!

Chat room will open about 8:00pm GMT/3:00pm Eastern USA


Not sure I can handle man tits a day early. Looking forward to it tomorrow!


Looking forward to this. We will celebrate at least three Euro New Years, the chats will be up for the Western Hemisphere too. :smiley:

Saw you logged in last night. Hope to catch you tonight. I’m on lot earlier since in England now versus when I was in Alaska.

This is one of my favorite events all year. I know we’ve had as many as 20 in the old chat, would love to see that number crushed tonight. Also be aware the service can be used without video and mic as Zoom has a chat window too.

Things are heating up! :smiley:

@Taboada great to see you in chats!


Doggo chatz.

Happy new year Greenland!

Beef chatz!

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JoeT chatz!

Check in before midnight est.

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Oh well late again.
Happy new year everybody!

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Clean 2021 chatZ.


I suddenly got sleepy as all fucks due to the sparkling wine / double mango NEIPA combo and bailed out an hour or three before I expected.

There will be more chats tonight (Euro time) I reckon. :smiley:

Foosball chatz?

There’s people inside!