New York City Tasting (November 2)

So @trapped and I just had a small but successful RB tasting and @explosivedog and I have shared many a beer, so I think that perhaps we could include some more people and have a proper RB tasting session. I was thinking perhaps some time on a weekend in October. Sounds like at least two others are down, but would anyone else be interested?

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Sounds good to me!

I may be able o attend. Please let me know.

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Is there any Week in October that would work for NYC based ratebeerians? I could probably do evenings of 13th, 19th or day of 20th.

I can do the other two weekends…

I’m away most of October. November would be better for me.

Sounds like November would be better for most people (including me). Nov 9, 10, 16, or 17 should basically work.

I’ll be in Kenya between 8-21 Nov :confused:

Actually, upon further review, I think I am also available on the first weekend of November. @trapped would that work for you?

I’m flying out on midnight 8 Nov, anything before that should be OK. How about 2 Nov?

Works for me. Now to see if it works for anyone else.

November 2nd would work for me.

@puzzl @tgncc would nov 2 work? Anyone else in the NYC area? I could volunteer my apartment in Brooklyn or if someone has a more central location happy to have someone else do it.

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where in brooklyn?

Park Slope near F/G/R trains.

November 2nd works for me. Sorry for the slow response. Not used to frequenting this site anymore. Would be good to see some old faces, and new ones.

Yeah I think it might be doable. MaxxDaddy and J12601 have expressed interest too.

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Sounds like a fun reason to fly back doubt i can swing it but ill let you know.

I am indeed interested. Should be good to go on the 2nd (sans child). Looking forward to it.

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Bumping this thread. Are people still interested in a Nov 2 share? If everyone is OK coming to Park Slope, I will be happy to send my address to interested parties.