New York next week, April 21st to 28th

My wife and i will be visiting NYC next week, April 21st to 28th.
Staying in Manhatten.

We will be spending time doing tourist stuff doing the day, and more beery stuff late afternoon and evenings.

I have studing the places section, aswell as gotten some good advise from the thread in the UK forum:

Still looking for up to date info, tap take overs, great new places etc ?
Any chances of new country ticks for me in NYC or Washington (will be going on Wednesday)?

Also looking for food surgestions around these breweries:
Other Half Area (think the Ugly Baby place will be to hot for us)

LIC / Big Alice Area

Thanks for reading, any advise will be highly appreciated.

You can get Guatemala at Total Wine in the DC suburbs… or at least you used to be able to… I would email the stores, but I think their selection is also publically posted. Other than that you seem to have rated from quite a lot of countries. Around the LIC breweries, Casa Enrique is a Michelin rated Mexican restaurant at very affordable prices.