New York & San Francisco

I’m going to be in New York 7th to 13th November, and San Francisco 13th to 17th November. I’ve had a look through the top places in both, but wondering if anybody has any tips beyond those. Any new places worth going that don’t have the numbers to be top rated? Any old places with lots of old ratings that don’t really deserve top ratings anymore? Any beer day trips worth taking out of either city? etc. etc.

Also, if anybody wants to meet up in either place for a few beers then let me know. Have posted something in the trade forum if anybody is interested in a small trade.

This thread is helpful for NYC:

My quick list:

Breweries: Other Half, Threes, Grimm, Interboro, Finback, Mikkeller, KCBC, Singlecut, Kills Boro, Fifth Hammer are probably the best, but there are plenty pf breweries around those… none are in Manhattan.

Bars: Owl Farm, Proletariat, The Well, Mission Dolores, Bar Great Harry, Gingerman, The Jeffery, Covenhoven, Gold Star Beer Counter, Beer Street, Brouwerij Lane, Alewife (also, now, a brewery), The Sampler, Torst (if you want to overpay), Spuyten Duyvil, Double Windsor, Hops Hill, Meckelverg’s, Good Beer, Milk and Hops, and prob a bunch more I forgot to name.

There are three breweries in Manhattan: Death Ave, Birreria at Eataly, and Paulaner but it may be closed. Torch and Crown may have opened but I do not know if they did yet.

NYC Cider Week is 11/2 - 11/11. Lots of free tastings & all in events eventually get added to the list.

Besides that, is your friend.

Definitely intending to do most of the breweries you mention. Few of them might be a bit far out depending on what our plans are. We’re actually staying in Brooklyn, so those breweries should be easier to visit. Will stick to bars in Manhattan.

I’ll keep an eye on the Cider Week thing, thanks for the heads up!

Beermenus seems great, but there’s a hell of a lot of places on that map…

While in NY this spring we did a daytrip with train to Washington.
Amtrak from Penn station in NY to Union Station in Washington early morning and returned late evening. About 3 hours something each way.

Walked from Union station to Capitol hill, then took a metro to Pentagon city for a Virginia State place tick, walked up to / around Pentagon and then took the metro back 1 stop for Arlington cementary. Dont bring beer here if you wanna get inside! I did ;(
Metro back over the river and walked down to the National Mall with the Lincoln Monument, the war memorials, Vietnam, Korea, 2nd ww, Martin Luther King etc. All very impressive.
Walked though the park to the Washington Monument and from there walked to the White house.
Then headed to Chuchkey for some well needed rest and some beers. Dinner at Birch and Barley downstairs before walking back to the station for our train back home.
A long day, alot of walking, but some awesome sights, and both beers places are World class.
Would proberly do some alike this if in NY again someday.

For SF a daytrip up to Santa Rosa for Russian River maybe. About 1,5 hours by bus each way.
Russian River is very nice visit, and there is 2 other breweries in easy walking distance if you wanna do some more ticking there.

In SF Cellarmaker and the nearby shop/bar City Beers is very good places.
The area around them is somewhat skecthy, we walked there, but Ubered back from Cellarmaker since it got dark by the time we left.

The Almanac taproom is also very nice, great sours, and nice IPA’s. Modern and nice service.

Be prepared to enter alot of beers :slight_smile:


By the way, where in Brooklyn will you be.

Thanks for the detail. We’re meeting my in-laws in NY, and we did discuss going to DC but I think we decided 3 hours was a bit too far. I’ll keep it in mind though.

Definitely would love to do Russian River, trying to convince my non-beer drinking partner that it would be a pleasant day trip to go to Santa Rosa… Is there anything interesting non-beer related up that way?

Definitely going to go to Almanac, one of my absolute favourite breweries.

South of Prospect Park, just off Ocean Parkway.

Not really the right one to ask here.
We spent 1 day in Santa Rosa and 10 minutes after checking into our hotel we did go brewery hopping and returned to the hotel well after dark and drove on after breakfast the next day.

Its wine country, so loads of wineyard / wine tasting tours.
My wife mentioned that 1 of the breweries is placed in a shopping mall, but after NY/SF its proberly not anything special.