New Zealand beers needed?

Was browsing ‘Beers of Europe’ today and noticed they’d got a load of new New Zealand offerings; I’ve availed myself with a few.



Why anyone would bother importing DB Export is a mystery to me.

Beers of Europe specialise as much in basic lagers from different countries as anything else.

Maybe the explanation is in the beers name ‘Export’?


Very true, some real low cost supermarket lagers in their warehouse.


…but it is possibly the best UK place for colouring your world/regions blue (if there’s anywhere better for country/region ticks I’d like to know about it - especially if it’s somewhere that can source anything more interesting than industrial pale lagers from my more obscure missing obscure countries and regions!).

It’s also one of the best UK places I know for Belgian & German brews. However, it’s definitely not the place to go for top notch craft stuff (not that I can afford top notch craft stuff at the crazy prices it’s getting up to…).

Love visiting their warehouse, that’s a real temple of beer. I’d recommend that to anyone.


Agree with all of this. They are a grab bag as to what they have in stock as well. Most of the time I go on their site, they are sold out of almost everything. However the box of (mostly) Germans I got from them earlier this year was such a bargain for so many good beers (just over £60 for 24 beers including some doppelbocks and an eisbock).

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I was planning to order from them a couple of months ago but sweet FA was in stock. I wonder of all the NZ beers are a reaction to having issues obtaining EU beers?

Could be. In general I’ve had quite a few NZ beers this year - not loads but certainly more than normal - and it’s starting to get harder to find as much European beer.

But I am pretty sure that BoE have always had this issue with stock, maybe not quite as bad as this year but I’ve often gone on in years past to only find the German beers that nobody wants. It’s a case of being patient and pouncing when they have stock in.


Sacked off BOE years back … too many out of date beers in a box of 24 … one is one too many but they seemed to think 3 or 4 was par!

Three or four years ago they slipped me an out of date US beer in an order of 20 or so beers. Sent them an email about it and they refunded the price of that bottle without any trouble.

These days they notify you on the site if something is going to go off in the next few months.