New Zealand makes the "global" (beer) news!

A local NZ brewery (they do export to Australia, so pretty big by our standards) made an IPA during the last US election (i.e. two years ago) they dubbed Dump the Trump. After he won they released a peach sour called Impeachment. Both feature their monster mascot, “Churly”, as Trump. They are pretty funny cans and pretty tasty beers. They just re-released Dump the Trump and have since got 318 negative Facebook reviews from angry Trump supporters. (Of course in response, the people of NZ and their fans have started leaving lots of positive reviews and when the abuse is inevitably deleted this’ll all make them look great along with the free advertising they’re getting.)

The last few of them (as in I didn’t go through and pick the funniest, cherry picking was not necessary) are as follows

Ryan wrote:

Well there’s not much to say about this shit company! I mean they are from a shit hole country! They’re so miserable with their waste of existence in their shit country they feel like making a shit beer with jokes about our great president! Fuck this company and fuck the shit hole country they are from! Now go make your shit tasting beer and shove each and every can up your New Zealand asses!

Wally wrote:

Bitter swill that should be poured down the toilet. Leave it to liberals to fuck up beer…

Dave wrote:

I couldn’t get past the cat piss smell. I dumped it out on the ground. Now all the wildlife around my property have diarrhea

Relevant webpage at:

Real proper news article about it (a world famous newspaper in New Zealand)

Of course I will have to keep a careful eye on their page here in case of ‘fake reviews’, but luckily so far it appears that, like this beer managed for several years, we are currently off the radar of angry Trump fans.


Dave should add his review to