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Newer up and coming breweries around DC/MD/VA general area

Wondering if you guys have encountered any besides the obvious. We all know about Aslin, Other Half, Ocelot etc. But any newer favourites, or under the radar breweries you guys have been liking around the loose DC area? I loved Front Royale brewery in Shenandoah area. Precarious Beer in Williamsburg was pretty solid. I’m less familiar with what’s going on in Maryland but King’s Craft is the MD suburbs of DC answer to Dominion Wine and Beer for sure. I know Silver Branch Beer was pretty good. Astro Lab guys were kind of snobby but beer was decent.

Not sure if they count as newer, but for both Elder Pines and True Respite I have had good things / heard good things from my friends in the area about stuff they are putting out lately.

I have recently been to Settle Down Easy, and it was OK. I think I was also at Audacious a year ago and found it good but hardly stunning. Generally my wife only allows me to go to breweries she knows are going to be good (i.e., Aslin and OH) and gets annoyed by ticking at second rate places.

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For me it’s both a good thing and a bad thing that my wife doesn’t really like beer. So she could care less if I’m ticking the dredges or at some top notch place. Unless they have the Miami Weiss type fruit bombs, which she likes. Audacious was definitely pretty average despite hte name. Settle Down Easy was much better. I remember telling @radagast83 when we did those two that I would have thought it would be the opposite based on names.

I liked True Respite, haven’t been to Elder yet.

Definitely recommend checking out Elder Pines if in the area, all my friends in the area seem to think they are one of if not the best in the MoCo. The half dozen or so I have had from them have been good as well.

The couple cans I’ve found from them around have definitely been pretty good. I used to work around there back before covid but my office went remote.

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